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Oct 16, 2009 01:14 PM

Advice: quiet restaurant with round table in WLA area

Looking for a quiet, yummy restaurant with a round table for about 8-9 people for a network meeting. Ideally Venice, Santa Monica, WLA area.

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  1. You didn't mention a price point, but I recently noticed that Craft has large round tables for big parties. It's not *that* quiet, but not what I'd considered loud either so it may work depending on your needs. I don't think it's an appropriate place to linger with papers on the table, etc.

    1. I Cugini in Santa Monica has several round tables.

      1. Drago has round tables. So does Catch at Casa del Mar.

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          I thought Catch did! But didn't know if I was recalling correctly!

        2. Josie's in Santa Monica has a large round table in the back room.

          1. i have a monthly book club and we have the same need every month. We have found that a private room with no minimum charge works the best rather than insisting on a round table. There are a few restaurants without a private room that are quiet enough for our discussions.

            If you agree with the above, some restaurants with private rooms but no minumum guarantees are Wilshire and Palmieri, Quiet restaurants are the Pacific Dining Car and Catch at Casa Del Mar (they have a prix fixe menu). Some other restaurants that fit with private rooms but have less interesting food are Il Fornaio, Buca di Bepo, Back on Broadway, Back on the Beach (great daytime views of the beach).