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Oct 16, 2009 01:13 PM

What to do with LOTS of goat cheese?

We were given some delicious goat cheese... but received a TON! Any suggestions with what to do with LOTS of goat cheese? Thanks!

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  1. There was an earlier thread re: cheesecakes, and someone posted one using goat is the post from alkapal:

    1. it freezes nicely and can be put into mushroom quiches which can also be frozen successfully.

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        It definitely freezes well. We have a local goat cheese maker. There are a couple of winter months during which they don't have fresh goat cheese. I always buy a bunch of it before that period hits to keep in the freezer so that I need not go without it.

        Goat cheese ice cream and cheesecake
        I love goat cheese with fruit, maybe poached fruit this time of year
        We also love a bit of goat cheese in omelets and frittatas
        I love pairing goat cheese with winter squashes--in pasta and grain dishes, soups and stews
        Stir or crumble a bit into your polenta--I love breakfast polenta with a bit of fruit and goat cheese

        And of course, by the spoonful...oh so good.

      2. My first thought is a goat cheese and onion tart

        1. Linda already posted my first suggestion, which was cheesecake. David Lebovitz also has a wonderful recipe for goat cheese custards:

          my favorite savory way to use it is in a veggie omelet or frittata - i love goat cheese with eggs.

          other uses:
          - layered in lasagna
          - mixed with herbs and spread on crostini
          - stuffed into chicken breasts with sun-dried tomatoes & pesto
          - crumbled over salad
          - added to strata or gratin
          - stuffed into prosciutto-wrapped figs
          - crumbled on top of pizza
          - mixed with garlic & fresh herbs, stuffed into balsamic-marinated mushroom caps, & broiled or grilled
          - eggplant involtini

          can you tell i like goat cheese? ;)

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          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            I seriously need to head back to my old stomping grounds in northern NJ and drop in on ghg when she might be cooking with goat cheese. ;-)

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              +1 for goat cheese and eggs. My vote - goat cheese souffle or better still goat cheese spinach souffle.

            2. Goat cheese mousse.

              Process 6-8 oz with some heavy cream. Fold in tbsp finely chopped parsley leaves, season w/ salt & pepper. Can keep in fridge 2-3 days. I pipe it into Parmeggiano frico cups, a la French Laundry, but can be put on or in just about anyting! It's delicious.