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Oct 16, 2009 12:35 PM

Kosher in Paris deliberation

I will be in Paris for 2 days the first week of November and am trying to whittle down my dinner/lunch choices. I am currently deliberating between these four for dinner (although I think I am going to Osmose for one dinner): Le Chateaubriande; Brasserie de Belvedere; Jaguar and Osmose. Anyone been to any of these recently. Any specific suggestions/recommendations?

I am also looking for a good kosher grocer that will have a nice selection of bread, cheese, wine and other picnic type food.


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  1. You might want to post this on the kosher board of Chowhound as well -

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      Do the restaurants need to be Kosher? For example Le Chateaubriand is great but it is a fixed menu that often has shellfish.

      1. re: PhilD

        I posted on the kosher section as well. Places must be kosher. i'm assumming there are two Le Chateaubriand as the one I'm referrin to is strictly kosher and doesn't have shellfish.

        1. re: yossieh

          You are correct there are two "Le Chateaubriands" the one in most guidebooks/blogs is at 129, Avenue Parmentier in the 11eme. The Kosher restaurant is at 125, Rue de Tocqueville in the 17eme.

    2. Will get back to you on Sunday or Monday, when friends are visiting who rave about the kosher food.

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        Charles Saada Maison David I think this was closed
        Boucherie Andre 6 rue des rosiers Chez Norbert
        17 rue des rosiers 01 42 78 15 76 7 rue des Ecouffes
        tel 01 42 77 76 22 01 42 77 46 79

        As I understand it these places have prepapred meats, dryed sausages et al, that would be wonderful for picnic type food.

        1. re: t14072

          Thanks - the cut and paste seems to have gotten jumbled its hard to tell which name belongs to which address and phone number. Any chance you could please report?

          1. re: yossieh

            Let's try this:
            Charles Saada
            17 Rue Des Rosiers
            01 42 77 76 22

            Maison David
            6 Rue des Rosiers
            01 42 78 15 76

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              A tale of two Le Chateaubriands.
              The concierge services at our Hotel have always been excellent.
              A last minute reservation was available for 9:30.
              This time they erred.
              We arrived at the Restaurant to discover that we were obviously at the wrong Le Chateaubriand
              This was a Kosher Restaurant!
              Too late to find out where the other Restaurant was, so we decided to eat there.
              What a pleasant surprise.
              The food was delicious.
              You must have the Warm Duck Salad (I am still thinking about it).
              Baby Greens, Steamed and lightly roasted Potato's, Chestnuts baked to a wonderful crunch,Cherry Tomato's fresh herbs and all topped with very Crispy shredded Duck, coated with the lightest and most perfect dressing.
              I would return for this dish alone.
              For the mains I had Sweetbreads with Fois Gras, beautiful combination.
              DH had the Whole Grilled Sole, and said that it was as good as it gets.
              They also had a multi course Fois Gras tasting menu which I think was 80E
              for those with the Stamina.
              What an enjoyable evening we had, by mistake.
              Highly recommended.

              1. re: t14072

                Thanks - so Andre on 6 rue des rosiers is Closed?