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Wine educator/sommelier for private party?

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I would like to host a wine tasting event at my home and was hoping to have someone come in to teach about different types of wine, pairings and tasting. I want to purchase the wine and food (based on recommendation) and have a wine educator provide their expertise for an hour or two.

Know where I can find someone for such an event?

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  1. Dave's Fresh Pasta does this: http://www.davesfreshpasta.com/newsle...
    The wine tastings they do in the store are quite good - they regularly do tastings on Fridays from 5-7pm so if you are in the area you can swing by and check them out before committing to the private tasting.

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      I think, but am not positive, that Erik Johnson may do them. He is the wine director for L'Espalier. I put in a call to him, but he wasn't there at the moment. I will try to update and let you know.

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        you can get somebody from gordon's in waltham. most sommeliers are working on the floor at dinner time. :)

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        I will second the recommendation for Dave's Fresh Pasta. They worked with my wife on a wine tasting party and were fantastic.

        Dave's Fresh Pasta
        81 Holland St, Somerville, MA 02144

      3. I had a fantastic dinner party catered by Max's Ultimate Food, with David Singer, the sommelier, who picked two wines to go with each course and talked the dinner guests through each course. His website is http://www.libationeducation.com/

        1. Some hounds may remember Paul Lang from Cafe Louis, No. 9 Park and the Butcher shop. I would recommend that you may o contact his company A Casa.

          With Paul you would have be a very special event. I learned more about wine from Paul than almost anyone.


          After he left Boston he spent some time in Italy and then when on to be sommelier with Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich at restaurant, Babbo.

          It's worth an email to Paul to learn more if you want something your guest will really enjoy.


          1. Vino DiVino in Newton will do this. We were at a party and they were great.

            1. Not for sure, but check with the Federal Wine and Spirits guys - they know a lot of people.