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Oct 16, 2009 12:08 PM

Mid range real sushi! (my top places all have deteriorated in quality)

I hate to start another sushi thread, but after doing a lot of search my finding are in conclusive for finding decent sushi that isn't super expensive.

I think the previous postings make it very clear, top sushi places are:

But this list isn't really helpful for the foodie weekly dose of sushi. I am strictly against Sushi on Bloor, New generation, etc (McSushi type places). I'm just not willing to put poor quality raw fish in my mouth.

So then we narrow it down to a few mid range high quality places:
Ematei-Decent for everything but sushi, sushi is just ok.
Japango-Was really good, not the same anymore
Daio-Was really good (my top place), but owner has change and slipped the past 2 times. I'm giving it one more try before giving up.

Any one have recos for mid range, downtown high quality sushi?


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  1. These days, my go to place for reasonably priced sushi is Mikado Sushi on Laird. Chef Masuda trained with Chef Kaji years ago. The quality of the fish is quite good and the portion sizes are decent.

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    1. re: sloweater

      I've been wanting to try Mikado; the sushi chef at Zen recommended them to me!!

      What are their prices like? How do they compare to Zen?

      1. re: Full tummy

        I am a big fan of zen~~~nice to meet you =)
        Mikado i been a few times, their price is very very reasonable. When you first look at the menu, u will think its not a real japanese meun, but u will be suprise!!!their sushi are very professional!!!
        PLEASE MAKE RESERVATION IN ADVANCE though!!!! and i will recommend to go on a week night. =) ENJOY~~~

    2. I don't think I'd term it HQ sushi, but I like Kokyo at Yonge and Alexander. Good fish, generous portions, fairly inexpensive. However, I wouldn't have considered it better than Japango (from a couple years back).

      Kokyo Japanese Restaurant
      501 A Yonge, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

      1. Yuzu at 236 Adelaide West fits the bill. Owned / run by previous Japango owners, I believe.

        Super fresh fish, inventive rolls, good service. Try the sushi/sashimi platters and the Yuzu roll!

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        1. re: Yum2MyTum

          chefdb still says bruce owns japango, not sure how accurate that is.

          i think it's still a significant notch below what japango was. the last time i was at yuzu it was all fairly bland and mushy rice though the seasoning was much better than most places.

          i sort of make the mini-splurge for sushi930 but it's not eat in and he doesn't seem to know a damn thing about rice. always get the sashimi platters. if you show you know more than weird rolls he'll treat you right.

        2. Ichiriki should be a good fit for what you're looking for. Just order from their fresh fish of the day board and you should be good.

          1. For mid range Sushi Marche (delivery and takeout) is my fav. They will deliver downtown. i find it much better than Ematei, Japango....though not in the same league as Zen or Kaji (but not in the same pricing tier either).

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