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Oct 16, 2009 11:51 AM

Mexican Coca-Cola or Throwback/Natural Pepsi in Pinellas County?

Anyone know where one can procure Mexican Coca-Cola or Throwback/Natural Pepsi in Pinellas County?

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  1. Throwback pepsi will be back Dec 28th for an 8 week period. Stock up!

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    1. re: ash0529

      how do you know this??? I just got Sweetbay to give me all they had in thier stock! Just drank the last one last night! If they really are bringing it back I will be stocking UP!!! Please let me know!!! Just returned from France and could NOT get enough of that European coke! Pepsi Throwback is the closest thing

    2. They use to carry the Mexican Coca Cola and Mexican Pepsi in glass bottles down at the El Maguey market on 66th around 41st Ave. Not the restaurant which is farther north on 66th but the market.

      1. They serve Mexican Coke at the Taco Bus, on Hillsborough near Nebraska in Hillsborough County--not Pinellas, but surely the Taco Bus is worth a trip!

        1. What is different in Mexican coca cola? Is it that they use sugar and not corn syrup? I know that cocoa cola in Europe tastes different than the US version.

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          1. re: freakerdude

            Yes, they use cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

            1. re: RibDog

              All Boylan sodas use 100% pure cane sugar. You can find them at Publix typically at the end of the freezer section and not in the usual soda section.

              1. re: freakerdude

                Yes, but it still contains phosphoric acid.

                I really like Red Bull natural cola (if you can find it). Despite the odd list of ingredients, it has a great taste.


                1. re: Little T.

                  You might find phosphoric acid in Boylan's pure cane sugar sodas but definitely not in their all natural line of sodas. The all natural line uses citric acid.

                  Most people don't realize that they have two lines of sodas.

          2. Do you have a Fresh Market near you? I know the one in Orlando/Altamonte Springs stocks Mexican Coke.

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            1. re: Lucky Sven

              Thanks for the suggestions and replies everyone. I was able to find some at a Mexican market (Don Ramon or Don Pablo or something like that?) on the NE corner of Drew St. & US 19. I did have sugar instead of corn syrup. I could taste a faint difference between it and regular coke, and was surprised that to me there wasn't more of a difference. It does taste cleaner and smoother. I haven't tried the Pepsi Throwback yet though...

              1. re: somnambulant

                I always think Mexican Coke tastes less fizzy. And the sugar does taste better, more like fountain soda in the US than the canned kind.