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Oct 16, 2009 11:48 AM

Burger Bar San Francisco now open

Burger Bar San Francisco is Hubert Keller’s gourmet burger joint that opened in October 2009. He runs the highly respected fine dining Fleur de Lys French restaurant in San Francisco. This location is on the sixth floor of Macy’s. We have eaten at the Vegas location and could not wait for this one to open. They serve burgers, salads, and sandwiches. You can build your own burger with all sorts of goodies. We avoided the crazy expensive Kobe beef, $60 Rossini foie gras, truffle burger. No sense in overdoing a burger.

They have their own butcher shop that hand mixes prime quality meat daily, so no worries over cheap ground beef.

Atlantic Salmon Sandwich ($12) was a huge sized filet on a ciabatta bun with oyster mushrooms, asparagus, and aioli on the side. Simple, tender, juicy, healthy and delicious. If you don’t eat red meat, try this ‘burger’, you will be surprised how good it is.
Buttermilk zucchini fries ($3.95) were crispy but not very greasy. Nice batter and some fresh zucchini in the middle.

Black Angus Beef Burger ($13.75) with American cheese, bacon, grilled onions, and portobello mushrooms was cooked to a slightly more well done medium rare that we would like, making it not very juicy. This was a huge piece of meat. The mushrooms and onions were plentiful and tasty. The sesame bun was big, fresh, and very good. Stick to one or two toppings to keep it affordable.

Vanilla shake ($7) was a very tall shake with whip creamy and a cherry. Very smooth ice cream, not too sweet, and light whipped cream made it perfect.

Chocolate Shake ($7) added a layer of chocolate syrup to the mix. Very chocolaty and velvety. A must get for chocoholics.

Blog post with Pictures...

Burger Bar
251 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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  1. I went last week. The burger was good, but the restaurant has some kinks to work out regarding service.


    I ordered the Classic American burger ($15), which is about as standard as you can get with beef, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and onion. The burger also came with a side of fries and a pickle. The patty came out pink and juicy on the inside, a perfect medium rare. The meat was spiced well and the bacon a reasonable two strips, but the rest of the burger was what I’d expect for any $10+ burger. It really was a good, all-american classic burger. The side of fries, an afterthought, reminded me of Burger King fries. I like Burger King fries, but I expected more.

    Despite having a good burger, I left disappointed. Part of it was just the location of the restaurant. It’s on the 6th floor of the Macy’s building in San Francisco, making it a prime tourist location. The crowd and decor in the restaurant made me think of Cheesecake Factory, except with burgers. Like Cheesecake Factory, expect a long wait unless you’re lucky enough to find a seat at the bar.

    The service also needed some work. I came alone and sat at the bar, but it took several minutes for me to even get acknowledged and given a menu. Then, when my food came, there was a mix-up with whose food it was even though I kept telling the confused server that yes, that was what I ordered. He kept trying to give it to the gentleman next to me, who kept telling him that was not what he ordered. Then, it took fifteen minutes for me to get my credit card back even though I was sitting right in front of the cash register. It wasn’t even that busy in the restaurant.

    Maybe that’s what I get for going to a restaurant less than a week after it opened. The food side of things was okay (other than the lack-luster fries), but the service side definitely was not okay. For a $16 burger, I want it to taste good and be served promptly and well.

    Post w/ pictures:

      1. Just a note ... you selected a San Jose restaurant that has nothing to with Keller.

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          The new one has just shown up. Now let's see if it will actually appear as a link.

          Burger Bar
          251 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102

        2. I've heard they have a decent selection of beers on tap. Anyone try them?

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            They certainly had a lot to choose from (between tap and bottle) but I remember being underwhelmed with their selections and went with the chocolate shake.

            1. re: mrgastognome

              I had one of the best bottles of beer that I have ever had...Wish I could remember the name...It was a Russian Beer of some type...Oh, and forgive me, but even with the overcharges, I have to say that I enjoyed the Burger Bar...Ate there twice during my last 4 day visit..Granted it was close and convenient to where I was staying...I also enjoyed meeting Chef Keller, as I am definitely a fan...Yes it's can expect this...Yes it is probably for tourist (funny one in line was a tourist...saw a lot of "office groups")...Food both times was delicious...When you order, for example, bleu cheese, it's really good bleu cheese...The fried zucchini was very good....I know good food, but sometimes it's just fun to eat at a "touristy kinda DisneyWorld place"...It was Christmas season....I was in that kind of mood!

              Burger Bar
              251 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102

          2. What an absolute JOKE. While the burgers are tasty and well built, they have the gall to charge you for....wait for it....DIJON MUSTARD. You've got to be kidding me. $22 for a burger and they charge for dijon. Not only that, 'I'm sorry sir, you can't change the chefs choice burgers". I wanted a Hubert Keller Burger, without blue cheese, as i can't eat cheese. When I was told that i couldn't substitute, I was tempted to ask if the server had seen the film 5 easy pieces, (white toast) but since she wasn't old enough to get into an R rated film, i dropped it. In any case, had to build my own. Which cost MORE THAN THE PREPACKAGED VERSION. The place is unbelievable.

            The other side was we were shown 2 tables right next to serving stations, while there were 1/2 dozen other two-tops available. We pressed the issue and were awarded a better location right by the entrance to the bathroom.

            Oh, yeah. The lemonade, @ $4 per is watered down country time.

            Come on, guys......

            If you haven't figured it out by now, we won't return. Keep the place in Vegas, and hope to attract a lovely touristy macy's crowd. You'll make your return on investment and your investors will be happy. Keep teaching the servers to sell sell sell. That's the point, isn;t it? I'm guessing that this won't fly with food concious San Franciscans. Unbelievable is all I'll say.

            Burger Bar
            251 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102