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Oct 16, 2009 11:40 AM

Best splatter shield?

I bought a brightly colored, snappy-looking silicone splatter shield but don't much like it. It seems to give too much coverage & the contents of the pan -- usually cast iron or AC skillet -- almost steam rather than fry or sauté. Is there a splatter screen that reduces splatter but lets the sauté take place without steaming? (I use it on the cooktop, not the microwave)

Which one is best? Which one is CH-approved?

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  1. I like the metal mesh spatter screens made by Lodge. I agree that the silicone ones are pretty terrible.

    1. Well, that is the problem, isn't it? I don't have a splatter shield, but I am well-aware of the issues of them.

      There are the finely mesh ones which give very good air flow and will not steam your food, but they eventually become very difficult to clean because burnt oil will trap in these fine mesh holes.

      You have the more enclosed one, which is easier to clean, but will trap moisture because there are few holes.

      1. I use cheap ones from the supermarket. They look like window screens, and they work quite well. I just throw them into the dishwasher for cleaning. They're a little rusty, but that's not a problem. I DO recommend that you get at least two sizes. Using a large screen on a small pot/pan is quite awkward, and perhaps dangerous as well. :-o

        1. I bought the Good Grips splatter screen based on a CI recommendation and I have been very happy with it - no 'steaming' of food and easy cleanup, I haven't found any accumulation of oil trapped yet. I also bought the All-Clad splatter screen primarily for use in the oven and I've been really happy with it. It was a huge gamble at the time as it is quite expensive but I have no hesitation in recommending it as a stove top or oven splatter screen. The price is high but I expect to have it for a lifetime.

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            Was this a recent CI recommendation, and was it a full length review? I bought a different one, Amco, because of CI's recommendation.

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              The review was full length but I couldn't tell you exactly the date, other than within the last year. I haven't seen the Amco but I"d trust any CI recommendation. More recently I also bought the AC splatter screen for use in the oven and I've been using it quite a bit as well. Both great. AC is quite expensive of course but I was tired of having to clean the oven weekly because I have roast chicken thighs quite often!

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                I hate when CI does this. In 2007, they had a short equipment testing on the back page of one of their bi-monthly magazines and they said Amco was the winner.

                Of course, I never seemed to see it anywhere until this year when I bought it. And, now, I found out CI did a brand new review only two years later and picked another winner.

                I stopped subscribing to CI because I found their recipes to be redundant after awhile so I guess this is their way of keeping their readers to renew that magazine. I guess I should subscribe to their website, but I've heard horror stories about that.

          2. I have this one:


            I only use it when whatever I'm cooking is splattering so much it's burning my face.

            It seems to work well It's gotten discolored a bit with use but I still think it's clean.