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Oct 16, 2009 11:25 AM

Did we choose wisely?

Six of us are in SF next week for Saturday night and all day Sunday after three days in wine country. We have picked Fish & Farm for dinner Saturday night, Perry's Embarcadero (were looking for good brunch with a view) for Sunday brunch and Pesce's for dinner. Did we choose wisely?

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  1. Depends what you like.

    Not trying to be snide - every joint has its time and place. Looking over your posting history, I can't get a sense of what you like, since I can't find a single recommendation you've made.

    1. I agree with bb -- whether these are wise choices depends on the criteria you were using, and except for the view for brunch, you didn't share those with us. I will say that none of those places would make my list of the top 20 places I'd choose for one of three meals in San Francisco.

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        Totally concur with Ruth. Need to know why you chose what you did other than a view.

        The best brunch with a view is Top of the Mark. For fish, I would consider Anchor & Hope or Bar Crudo (instead of Pesce).

      2. I don't know why we need to know your criteria, or individual tastes to share our opinions.
        If you want alternative suggestions, then a little more guidance would help.

        Pesce is a poor choice for a group of 6. It's cramped, and a bit of a rip off, but mostly, in your case I would worry that it's cramped to the point of discomfort. I also think the quality of the food is just okay, as a neighborhood place, and that it's attracted a lot of hype from locals on dates. You would do better down the block at La Folie, but it's pricier, and a different scene entirely.

        Fish and Farm got a good write up in 7 x7's burger roundup. Hopefully someone will chime in with a recent review. It's probably the most interesting of your choices, with a safe menu for a group.

        Perry's.... has always really just been an after work drink place. In the 80's, Perry's was became an SF institution as a pick up place that happened to have really good food. The food is no longer reliable these days but you could do worse. You should expect a sports bar feel on a game days.

        Now, if you want some other suggestions, you can give us a better idea of your tastes. You can also search the archives and find the standard places which get recommended here.