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Oct 16, 2009 11:23 AM

Upscale BYOB in Dallas

Anyone know of an upscale restaurant in Dallas that allows BYOB?

I have been sitting on a nice bottle of cab for some time that I'd like to enjoy while someone else does the sweating. I thought it would go well with Charlie Palmer's cuisine but no dice there. Obviously I don't mind paying the corkage.

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  1. Try:

    This website has a pretty large Dallas BYOB database. I'd call to double-check before you go just in case.

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    1. re: Webra1

      I was really looking forward to heading out to cowtown to try Eddie V’s (listed as a BYOB spot on that site) but alas, they don't allow it.

      I guess I didn't realize it was against TACB regs to for a full bar to allow BYOB. I couldn't believe it was only the Dallas market, since Craft NYC allows BYOB, but not Craft Dallas.

      Looks like some are trying to overturn that rule, but can't find any up to date news. My guess it that other places with full bars allow it, but just don’t publicize the fact. Probably ask the manager in person for the next time you visit.

      I'll have to try Amici, but I’ve got a Barolo in mind for that. What I want to carry is a big California cult cab, begging for a big steak, or new American. There is a notable prime steakhouse downtown that permits it, but my wife is a regular lunch diner there, so that's out.

      1022 S Broadway St, Carrollton, TX 75006

      Other Place
      1607 W 7th Ave, Corsicana, TX 75110

      Craft Dallas
      W Hotel Dallas, Dallas, TX 75219

    2. Look no further. Amici Signature in Carrollton. The best (upscale) BYOB in Texas! Chef/owner Bartolino Cocuzza is great! Bring your best girl because it's a lovely, romantic restaurant.

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      1. re: twinwillow

        Cordon Bleu, the culinary school that is fairly new to Dallas, has a restaurant that is very inexpensive and allows BYOB.

      2. I haven't been, so I don't now how upscale it is, or how good... but Urbano Paninoteca is byob, and looks like it might be worth a try.

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        1. re: gavlist

          Although a pleasant restaurant with nice food, it's very small and, very casual. Not what I would describe as being, "upscale". However, worth a try, regardless.

        2. Yes I would agree Amici in Carrollton rocks.

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          1. Suze (corkage used to be $25). Also Urbano Paninoteca (not upscale in feel, but generally upscale in food).

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            1. re: dg1873

              I've been looking for an excuse to try Suze, thanks.

              1. re: sike101

                Be prepared to pay $25.00 for the corkage fee at Suze. I stopped going there years ago just because of the exorbitant corkage fee Gilbert Garza insists on charging.

                Believe me, Amici Signature is your very best bet for upscale dining with delicious food at very low corkage fee's.
                $4.00 I believe. More suitable food for a really good Cabernet.