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Oct 16, 2009 10:25 AM

Best cafes to study all day at?

Does anyone have any suggestions as to cafes with mainly good coffee and at least passable food where I can go and order a couple menu items and study for hours without feeling bad or being bothered to leave the cafe? Preferably around the Peel X St Catherine downtown area, guy concordia and mcgill area.

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  1. All of the cafes that come to my mind with that criteria are in the plateau. I think most places downtown are not "hang out all day" friendly.

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    1. re: alexalready

      which ones do you recommend on the plateau then?

      1. re: sharkbait88

        Café Art-Java should be good enough for you; maybe Laika (on St-Laurent)

        Both are internet hotspot.

    2. Cafe Imagination at Parc and Sherbrooke has a little section you can sit in. Not bad food. Their branch at the YWCA is also a good spot and quieter. Presse Cafe at Milton and Parc is always full of Mcgill students working and studying.Not very quiet tho.

      1. I like Shaika on Sherbrooke in NDG. It's always full of students when I've been.

        1. Press Café on Ste-Catherine (south side) between McKay and Bishop
          Café Dépot on de Maisonneuve and Mackay
          Starbucks and Second Cup in the Faubourg

          1. As far as Plateau is concerned, my place to be is Cafe Neve. Excellent coffee (I think their baristas do competitions; of Art Java and In Gamba pedigree), good food (at least from the benetictine I've had), great tea. Internet, comfortable seating, and lots of outlets for laptops. Given the size of the place, it's hardly ever going to get loud or too crowded.

            151 Rue Rachel Est, coin de Bullion. Bicycletterie JR's old location.

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            1. re: blehfu

              I doubt that a new, very small, and independently-owned place would appreciate being descended upon by single people who want to occupy an entire table almost the entire day with minimal contribution to the bottom line. otoh, I guess they'd appreciate being mentioned on the boards.

              1. re: Shattered

                Hmm, dunno. If you decide to open a cafe that offers good food, comfy seating and Wifi, I'd expect the business plan to account for a non-trivial percentage of campers...