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Oct 16, 2009 10:24 AM

Desiccant packets - any dangers if they contact food?

I use a bunch of supplements whose containers include those little packets of desiccant to keep the tablets in good condition. I would like to re-use the packets to keep crackers crisp. When I open a package or box I put the crackers in a jar with a tight-fitting lid, but they typically get stale before I finish them. Crackers have oils, salt, and other ingredients that vitamins and other supplement tablets don't. Can I safely use the desiccant packets in the cracker jar?

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  1. I would think if you could, they would be included with cracker packages.

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    1. re: Cathy

      They are. Tons of crackers and chips from Japan, Korea and China are packaged with desiccant packets inside. They're perfectly safe.

    2. Yes, you can. Most types of Desiccant are non-toxic

      1. Most desiccant packs contain either silica gel (sand, more or less) or porous clay. Neither would be delicious, but they wouldn't be harmful.

        1. Some jerky comes with the little packets mixed right in with the meat. Only problem that I can think of is that those 'supplements' may have odors that will taint the crackers.

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            Yes, silica gel packaged in Tyvek or Cotton packets do meet FDA specifications to be used in dry-food packaging. The only type of Silica Gel to stay away from is the kind that starts BLUE and turns PINK, this contains Cobalt Chloride which is found to be bad for environment and can cause cancer.

            If you need an indicating type Silica Gel use the Orange indicating Silica Gel as it does not contain Cobalt Chloride. But for any type of food packaging just go with the standard non-indicating (usually white/clear) silica gel in Cotton or Tyvek. You can get more information from this site:


          2. greygarious,

            I am so glad you asked this. I have been wondering this myself, and saltine crackers get stale so quickly. I knew a guy who camped a lot and he used them to keep food fresh in his backpack. Still he is a young man, and I wasn't sure I wanted to go on his word on this. I'm going to try it.