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Oct 16, 2009 10:11 AM

Ideas for birthday dinner with several seafood, healthy options? Midtown pref.

Our party of two expanded and we need to find a new restaurant. West Village would be fine, too (East Side is more problematic). At least one of the parties will want to make sure there are healthy options available. Mid-price range or a bit more; probably not the very expensive range (given another person's situation). Need it for next weekend, if that makes a difference.

New-ish restaurant would be great, if possible.

Thank you, Chowhounds.

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  1. For seafood and healthy options that can please meat-eaters as well, I always think of Greek. Neither is new, but depending on your price point, Ethos (on the less expensive side) and Periyali (a good deal more, but with atmosphere to match) would fit the bill.

    1. I just recommended Alcala above. Spanish, lovely, excellent at 342 East 46th St.

      1. Thanks to you both; personally, I love Greek, so yum. Bratlefoodie, Alcala sounds great, but way too east for our purposes.

        Looking through recent comments, I'm wondering if Aldea may be an option; the birthday girl (the pescatarian) is a big fan of Brazil/Portugal.

        Thanks again!