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Oct 16, 2009 09:45 AM

La Familia Farm Los Osos, is it still there

Went there a couple years ago and want to go tomorrow on a road trip, but I am driving from the LA area, so I'd like to make sure its still there.

Can anyone let me know if they are still there?

They are on Los Osos Valley Rd.


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  1. Yes, La Familia is still on Los Osos Valley Road and open for business. They currently have pumpkins and sunflowers. Enjoy!

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    1. re: PattyOh

      Awesome! I'm headed there tomorrow!

      1. re: LisaN

        Glad to hear its open- and will be going next weekend- a quick drive from Los Olivos!! LOVE La Familia!!!!!

    2. Yes, open daily! They tore down the old sheds and built a very sturdy, more weather-proof one which is not quite the same ambiance, but the nice family is still there, the spooky "jail" and paths through the woods at the creek, animals, etc. They grew some monster Dill's Atlantic this year too.

      1. Had a great trip, a little warm yesterday, but got some great pumpkins and squash