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Oct 16, 2009 09:36 AM

how is One Flew South at Atlanta airport?

I had sent some previous postings about having a dinner in Atlanta before flying out. It now seems more than likely that I'll eat at the airport. I can't find any comments on this restaurant since it opened. Is it any good? How pricey is it? Should I just stick with Paschal's?

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  1. No idea about your question.
    One last thought/option... in College Park less than five minutes from car rentals and the terminals...
    The Manchester Arms

    Not high end cuisine for sure, but a fun little pub with decent food.

    1. ok Adorno. here is an optimum solution.

      Two minutes off I-85 South and 34 minutes from the Atlanta Airport, Indian Trail Exit, go right on to Indian Trail. Go about 1/8 mile, just past Lowes and before the next light and intersection with Beaver Ruin, turn left into the strip center with the Little Giant Farmers Market and go to the far end.

      Gordita's La Rancherita,6329.0.html
      2055 Beaver Ruin Rd
      Norcross, GA 30071-3650

      (678) 206-0107

      It's a drive by, a total of 30 min from the time you leave the hwy until you are back onto the hwy. They make all their own masa. Everything is extraordinary--especially the hand made tortillas, gorditas, sopes. Make sure they pack you up lots of their salsa verde made with roasted jalapenos. Get a chorizo and papas quesadilla,, or carne asada. Get the barbecoa con consomme. Get a caldo de pollo. Get 3 or four gorditas and a quesadilla--this way you get to try a lot of things for not a lot of money. We are now up to $23 and you have more food than four can eat. Credit cards, even. Read the above link. If you are still hungry, the panaderia (bakery) next door has exc flan, daily special cakes etc. This is world class home cooking to put anything on the 7 Train to shame.

      Please report back.