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Oct 16, 2009 09:31 AM

Help for Tonight/Tomorrow in Scottsdale/Troon, please! Vet our list and we'd love new recs, too!

We are staying at the Four Seasons in Troon, and stay here a few times a year (although I have not been in a year or so). We are looking for two spots for dinner, one more casual,and one more upscale for the next two nights. We love everything, esp,Mexican, Asian/sushi, and prefer no steak houses, American or french spots. I loved the ambience at The Mission, but we had a horrible experience there, from spoiled and cold food to bad service (but I loved the outdoor dining). and, of course, we always love Greasewood.

We are huge foodies, so great food is a must, as is a good ambience (either rustic, charming hole in the wall, pretty outdoor dining, etc). We have been to Barrio Cafe, and love it, and have already been this trip. We went to Talavera last night, so we need some good spots.

We usually enjoy and return to: T. Cooks (although had an average meal last time; I love the ambience here), Binkley's, used to really enjoy Elements, Mosaic (which is closed). Not huge fans of Cowboy Ciao (although loved the Japanese spot around the corner that closed).

Looking for some new, fun spots to try...any thoughts? trying to be as detailed as I can to give you guys an idea of what we like. In the radar: Noca (although not really in the mod for American), Posh (also kind of far away), and Ocean Club for the upscale night...thoughts?

Tonight we really want low-key as we are having Mexican in Cave Creek for lunch.

Thank you so much for all the help!

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  1. My first recommendation would be Noca, but you seem predisposed to how about

    Roka Akor Sushi and Robata Grill Restaurant

    7299 N Scottsdale Rd
    Scottsdale, AZ 85253-3617
    (480) 306-8800

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    1. re: Random987

      Thanks for the email! Funny you should say that, I was just looking at that place online, as I have heard about it forever...sushi wuold be good for tonight. How is the ambience? I thought it was more about their Robata grill? The only sushi place we've been to out here is Pure, which was ok.

      1. re: ljero

        You didnt care for cowboy ciao would you recommend roaring for instead? We are also heading out tomorrow to phoenix and I have some great recommendations for mexican.

        1. re: ljero

          Roka Akor focuses more on the Robata grill, but their sushi is top notch, as well. We really enjoy it. Noca is my top pick. Great food, innovative and incredible service. We're heading to Rancho Pinot Grill tomorrow night, and we've always found the food and service to be great. All of these are better picks than Ocean Club.


      2. I'd throw in a vote for Posh because it's a cool concept and everyone there is great. Sit at the bar, select the items you aren't interested in and cooking temps of the proteins, and sit back and enjoy. If you like watching watching the food prep take place, it's a great choice. Here is a list of some dishes I've had in three visits:

        -popcorn soup, smoked paprika popcorn
        -duck confit salad w/duck cracklins, pickled zucchini
        -veal sweetbreads
        -foie gras, beet leather
        -ahi tuna carpaccio
        -kangaroo, huckleberry mole, bok choy
        -chicken fried frog legs w/duck sausage gravy
        -layered ahi tuna tartar w/blood orange and potato chips
        -blue crab salad over grilled bread, smoked blueberries
        -monkfish w/asparagus tips and potato chip
        -seared kangaroo w/pappardelle pasta, morels, peppers
        -seared duck breast w/preserved lemon jus and thyme, (shallot confit ?)
        -grilled kobe w/hibiscus and wasabi sauce
        -braised short rib w/broccolini
        -fresh sardine, sliced onion, (preserved lemon, blood orange jus?)
        -cured salmon and cucumber salad w/horseradish sauce, trevisio
        -foie gras torchon brulee, pineapple, apple/pear water, pickled grapes, blood orange
        -seared scallop, spinach, shiitake mushrooms
        -kangaroo, tepary bean puree, bacon broth
        -braised short rib, broccolini
        -buttermilk panna cotta, chocolate pate w/peanut butter, chocolate plaquettes w/white chocolate mousse
        -cheese course (Valdeón, Humboldt Fog, ?), quince jam, honey pollen
        -buttermilk panna cotta, lychee, lavender honey
        -blood orange / meyer lemon lollipops

        It's definitely not a restaurant for everyone, but I've had three very good meals there. There have been lulls in a few courses, but that's to be expected. Please do report back on where you end up.