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Oct 16, 2009 09:31 AM

black tie catering company

Hi - we are thinking about using the Black Tie Catering Company for our wedding/rehearsal dinner - has anyone used their services or been to an event catered by them? Would love to hear thoughts on the quality of food. thanks!

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  1. Do you mean Black Tie in Portland, ME?

    I've never had catered food from them but have often gotten takeout from the Black Tie To Go shop. They make very good food.

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      yes - i think the catering and black tie to go are owned by the same people. id love to hear if anyone has used them as caterers

    2. I used Black Tie Catering about 2 years ago for a cocktail party and they rocked! I was looking for some different cocktail food with a comtemporary flair and a unique presentation. They were very easy and pleasant to work with, listening to my ideas. The servers they sent were really personable also. I give them an excellent recommendation and would not to hesitate to use them again!!

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