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Oct 16, 2009 09:00 AM

Stoneware vs enameled cast iron pans

When would stoneware be an advantage for a rectangular baking pan? For example, there is this piece of stoneware: and this piece of ECI: .

With the ECI I can saute on the stovetop. But, I thought I could also bake in them. So what advantage does stoneware have over ECI?

Many thanks...

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  1. Well, it's lighter and it's cheaper. It also cools down faster, which may sometimes be desirable. Available in a wider variety of shapes and sizes. Finally, it won't rust if the enamel gets chipped. Oh yeah, and you can use it in the microwave.

    1. I have both, and for me, the key to choosing has to do with whether or not I plan to use the microwave to cook or reheat in the pan. I like the ECI pans for things like scalloped potatoes, or baked eggplant or lasagne, but the reheat then has to happen in a separate dish portion by portion. I do think that that ECI is probably more stable over the long haul, as I have recently read of Emile Henry and even LeCreuset stoneware pieces cracking after extended periods of use. I wouldn't expect that with ECI, as I have used some of my pieces for nearly thirty years without incident. I can't speak for the stoneware pieces, as those are much newer.