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Oct 16, 2009 08:47 AM

Looking for a place with good food to watch football

The focus should be on the food. I have heard good things about Gus and Gabriel. I also know that Blue Smoke has a TV - so you can enjoy chicken wings and watch football at the same time. Any other places that you can think of - can be low-end, high-end - but food has to be good and there has to be a TV.

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  1. Rizzo, I wonder if you found a place, because now I'm looking for one. We will be in New York this weekend, and MUST see the Saints/Falcons game at 1pm on Sunday. Good food would be great, but it's the game that's most important.

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      Lansdowne Road in Hell's Kitchen is a good option. Tons of televisions, good beer selection, and very decent wings and bar food. I went there last Sunday evening to watch the Vikings game and really enjoyed it.

      1. re: maneki neko

        dudes (and ladies) - Cabrito in the West Village has awesome drink specials during the football games and i'm almost positive the have the nfl ticket. also, if it's on national TV, Bill's Bar & Burger is an under the radar game watching spot, two or three nice big tv's... more traditional sports bar type bars, The Blue Seats is my go-to on the LES. They'll definitely have the game on and the Asian-Sesame wings are ridiculous... The rest of the stuff is good, not amazing. Haven't been to the Ainsworth yet on 26th bet. 6th and 6th yet, but have heard good things about the bar food.

        Blue Seats
        157 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002

        50 Carmine St, New York, NY 10014

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          Expensive, but food is decent and you can usually get your own tv at 40/40 club
          Stout near MSG also has pretty decent bar food.

      2. re: expatorleanian

        I'm not sure if it's important to you, but not every bar that has a TV and a game on will have the sound on as well.

      3. I dont think Gus and Gabriel has a televison