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Oct 16, 2009 08:35 AM

favorite purveyor of fresh eggs

I recently had eggs fresh from the chicken coop for the first time. What a treat! The only problem is that now, all other eggs (one of my favorite foods) are kind of unappealing to me. Any thoughts on the best fresh eggs in Manhattan? A favorite farmer's market stand perhaps? And is there anything I should know about selecting fresh eggs? Thanks hounds!

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    1. Thank you Kathryn!! Can't wait to get crackin'!

      1. I like flying pigs the best, then tello, then knoll crest. Sometimes I buy whatever random farmers' market eggs I can find and they are always far far superior to supermarket eggs. Supermarket eggs kinda skeeve me out.

        1. Another vote for Tello's at the Grenmarket farmer's market

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            I'm a loyal fan of Tello's but they're not at Union Square during the winter, so I have to cast my net farther afield until April. I like that Knoll Crest has jumbos but I think Flying Pigs edges them out on flavor. They didn't have eggs today so I bought a very pricey ½ dozen from Violet Hill Farm to hold me (haven't tried them yet). I once bought eggs in a pinch from the Amish guy (Millport?) but was kind of underwhelmed. I guess this is a roundabout endorsement for Tello and Flying Pigs.

          2. I buy Knoll Crest eggs at the Tuesday market at Saint Mark's Church. I haven't yet compared them to Tello's or Flying Pigs, only because Knoll Crest wins for convenience in the East Village. They're good but they don't knock my socks off.