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Oct 16, 2009 08:03 AM

japadog closed for the season?

i'm visiting this weekend but have been bad on my research and only looked up japadog today... they're closed?!?

the website mentions one location being shutdown after september 28th and two closing up october 14th! is japadog season done? any new locations? will i not get a japadog experience? oh my!

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  1. I ate at Japadog yesterday for lunch! They're still open, though who knows if they opened up yesterday because we had decent weather.

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    1. re: peter.v

      I walk by the Sutton Place location of Japadog every day - they were closed on Wednesday the 14th but were open yesterday. Past experience tells me that they are usually open through the winter except on days with really lousy weather. I'll tell you what, when I go by today (around noon), If they are there, I'll ask them and post more info later.

      1. re: hrhsheba

        that would be super! i wasn't sure if i misunderstood their website or what was going on exactly. i can't read their blog! :(

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          Well, unfortunately, I wound up driving by there at lunch today (rather than walking) and, although they were there (with the usual line up) I couldn't stop to ask them what the scoop was. I suspect that they will be there whenever we're not being deluged with torrential rain (which has been their practice since they opened). I'll post again later this afternoon (I'll be walking by around 4 and I'll ask them then - the line up is usually less at that time).

          EDIT: OK, I'm adding an edit - being ever-curious, I took a look at their website. Their English is not great but the text window in the middle of the home page seems to have "open or closed" and then they just insert any days that they are closed. otherwise they are open. That jibes very nicely with the fact that you said they were closed on the 14th - and they were. They re-opened on the 15th. So, it looks like you'll be safe. They're right in the heart of downtown so you won't be going far out of your way to catch them.

          1. re: hrhsheba

            AH! perfect explanation... i didn't think that they would close due to rain, but hey i'm from toronto and i just expect my street meat to be there and manned!

            thanks so much for all that work! i'm totally japa-dogging in a couple days!

            1. re: pinstripeprincess

              Having experienced winter rain in both Toronto and Vancouver, I'd just like to mention that they are really quite different. Many of the rainy days in Vancouver are completely apocalyptic and, if you remove the comfort level of the employees from the equation, the driving wind (which is the big problem) would render it completely impossible to serve a dry bun. Not to mention, keeping an exposed umbrella-based operation cemented to the street in hurricane force gusts is a bit of a problem :) I would say that in a typical winter - Japadog is closed about 1 day a week. Have fun on your trip - we'll all hope the rain stops for you.

              1. re: hrhsheba

                oh i have no doubt about vancouver rain fall... it just didn't occur to me since i'm used to temperate toronto.

    2. On this topic - I noticed Japadog signage on a little hole in the wall space on Robson east of Seymour today. Anyone know if they are planning to have a fixed, non-cart location?

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      1. re: bluegoat

        They have been saying that for a while so maybe they finally found a location.

        1. re: fmed

          Is that the old S'il Vous Plait location that closed earlier this year or the seriously small hole in the wall right next door (I think it was falafel or shwarma or something like that). Either location is going to be tough to get operational. The Japadog people seem to run a nice clean operation and that hole corner is totally infested. Short of using napalm, it's going to take a lot of effort and money to clean it up.

          1. re: hrhsheba

            I found this twitpic from @tinybites:

            It was that old "Waverly" hair salon.

            1. re: fmed

              Thanks. Did a drive-by a few days ago and noticed it. The falafel joint is still there too.

              1. re: hrhsheba

                That is excellent news! And holy tubesteaks, are they going to make a killing during the next VIFF!

                1. re: grayelf

                  BTW, I drove by yesterday and it looks like a Beard Papa is opening two doors west of the Japadog-to-be. Yay!