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Oct 16, 2009 08:00 AM

Downtown Providence (casual dinner recommendations)

I'm headed to Providence for the weekend and am staying downtown. Any recs for a casual late dinner tonight (for me and 3 others) when I get into town?

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  1. How about Red Fez - funky, hipster-ish casual place with good eats.

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      I was just in Providence pretty much confined to the convention center/Providence Mall area. I liked Murphy's which is very casual, has take-out but also tables. Decent prices and very good list of sandwiches. Short on dinner type things, though.

    2. Lux Burger Bar would be a good spot. Great burgers, nice vibe and a really nice bar.
      3 Steeple is always a good choice
      Local 121 has great food and a great bar
      Union Station Brewery is a solid choice

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      1. re: tanker64

        I will third Red Fez. I hated 3 Steeple when I went there though.

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          I've never had a bad meal at 3 Steeple....and that's going back 20+ years.

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          I second Luxe. Local 121 has a beautiful bar but I've found the food spotty.

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            Forgot to add Kartabar on Thayer. Especially when its nice

          2. I second the Fez or Three Steeple. Local 121 has an astonishingly beautiful bar. My experience with the food and the service has been hit or miss (though it has been over 6 months so maybe things have improved).

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              Local 121 I have found that the service is also very hit or miss. One night our group of 6 almost left as the waitress was so rude we couldnt beleive it. she actually threw our menus down. management could have cared less when we complained

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                Are you kidding that rude and usually for a 6 top its an automatic 20% tip. Thanks for the tip and people think Providence city is the only place for food Local 121-121 should take lessons from Gracies on service. With the young kida they have there servicing they ALL knew the menu totally

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                  we could not believe it, we were treated very poorly. when I emailed and complained to the owner did not even ask any specifics about the waitress, meaning they had no intention of doing anything-it was a real bummer. I think its a little expensive for what you get and would rather spend my money in a resturant where I am treated well!

            2. Definately the Fez (cornfritters,duck tacos, pulled pork are exc.) or Tazza (sliders!) for cool hip and reasonable. Hop over the highway to the west side (5 min. from downtown) Broadway Bistro, Ama's (* with drinks before or after at the Avery, cross st.) or Julian's, all are excellant, uber hip and reasonable. These places show off what the Providence restaurant scene is about- cool, innovative, understated...

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                Agree on Julians, with the bonus that they do vegetarian well.