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Oct 16, 2009 08:00 AM

A story from Gourmet's final issue now online

I don't think the magazine is on newstands yet, but here's one of the feature articles:

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  1. I saw (but didn't buy) the November issue at a newsstand yesterday evening. Not surprisingly, it has a big turkey on the cover.

    1. There may be a turkey, but there is also a wonderful array of vegetarian autumnal dishes (for the US Thanksgiving holiday, but good for any autumnal meal). The mushroom-farro pie looks especially good. I have several vegetarian friends, and am always looking for tasty vegetable-based foods for everyone.

      It is probably on epicurious too, but I clicked thorugh to the site, which is still online.

      I did read the article, (local colour and all) though I have very little interest in the great outdoors... Hardcore urbanite here.

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      1. re: lagatta

        I just got my copy in the mail.
        I immediately went to the letter from the editor to see if there was any mention of the magazine being shuttered.
        Instead what I found was a very touching letter by Ruth Reichl.
        Made me once again so sad about it's demise.