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Oct 16, 2009 07:39 AM

thanksgiving dinner in an old house or inn not too far from white plains??

hello there will be 4 of us for dinner, and are looking for excellent food, w/ a nice countryesque atmosphere, no more than an hour away. most of the party are big eaters, so skimpy plates will not suffice! excellent desserts, and local foods would be great as well (and hopefully no more than $60pp ~ and we are not big drinkers). thanks for any info!

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  1. call kittke house, check out their website

    1. The Traveler's Rest in Ossining on Rte 100 would fit the bill too:

        1. thanks for the replies so far...please keep them coming! the kittle house and travelers rest are out; the last time my family went to the tr they had bad service and some other issues. the bird & bottle inn seems like that would be a nice place w/ good food. has anyone ever been to the canterbury brook inn in cornwall? it sounds pretty interesting: i can't find much info on it here though...

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            Plumbush in Cold Spring totally fits what you're looking for. We've gone to Thanksgiving dinner there a few times and really enjoyed it. Good food and exactly the atmosphere you described.

          2. How about Le Cremaillere in Banksville? Classic French food, nice old farmhouse, and you should be fine at that price point if you don't get foo far into the wine list. Only 15 minutes from White Plains.


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              Peter Pratt's Inn in Yorktown Heights should fill the bill.