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Fruit plus cheese - your faves?

I'm trying to nail down the best combos of this very versatile course. Tea-time offering, party snack, or dessert -- what are your standbys?

I'm thinking pears with cambazola and water crackers. Cheddar with apples and wasabrod rye crackers. Cream cheese with graham crackers and grapes.

Let's keep the cheese choices more common and available than esoteric. Something convenient that one can find locally and keep on hand for several days.


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  1. Manchego with honeycrisp apples

    1. Tart apples and brie
      Lychees and gouda

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          I served fresh lychees with a young gouda. The sweet and sour of the fruit cut through the creaminess of the cheese in a novel pairing.

      1. Brie with fig jam

        medjool dates stuffed with a shard of parmesan

        1. Aged goat cheese (i.e. one of these: http://www.coachfarm.com/Aged1/Aged1.... ) with pears (any kind, but seckel pears are especially great).

          I love Medjool dates stuffed with fresh chevre or cream cheese and nuts... A cheese with a slight tang works best, I think.

          1. dates or figs and goat cheese
            pear and gorgonzola (on endive)
            gruyere and tomatoes (does that count as fruit here?)

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              Bubbly, toasty, melted gruyere on an open faced tomato sandwich... Mmm.

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                Good thought for dinner tonight--with soup.

            2. Ripe pears and stilton...yum...

              1. Trader Joe's has an amazing aged cheddar with carmelized onions that is wonderful with ripe pears.

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                1. re: ola

                  that cheese is delightful... no need for the fruit :)

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                    I second that! But I would love to try it with ripe pear slices too.

                2. smoked gouda & bartlett pears

                  1. Old Amsterdam and granny smith apples.

                    1. Moderately aged pecorino (Tuscan, Sardinian) or a fragrant parmigiano-reggiano with ripe comice or seckel pears. Cellar-cool young cotes du rhone.

                      1. Dried apricots with your favorite soft/triple-cream/brie-like cheese. Strawberries work, too:
                        - St. Andre
                        - Brillat-Savarin
                        - Pierre Robert

                        Dried apricots also pair beautifully with blue or dolce gorgonzola.

                        EDIT: Don't forget the nuts!

                        1. Tart apples & sharp cheddar, of course.
                          Cranberries & melted brie
                          Feta & grapes. Optionally add mint.
                          Mascarpone & berries
                          Sharp pecorino with apricot jam

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                            Cranberries and brie--yes, esp. baked in phyllo (or Pillsbury crescent dough, if phyllo isn't handy)...yum! Slice brie in half, spread cranberries in the middle, cover in dough of choice and bake.

                            1. re: kattyeyes

                              My mom make a cranberry glazed brie for a thanksgiving app that is so good... I can't wait.

                          2. Cheshire & russet apple.

                            Mahon & dried apricot.

                            Emmenthal & grapes

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                              Any north English cheese - with fruit cake. The cake's very much a regional thing.

                            2. Stilton and avocado. mmmm

                              1. Cream cheese topped with Major Grey's chutney.

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                                  I love Major Grey's chutney with Cambazola too!

                                2. I had white nectarines with goat cheese (the young, creamy kind) and kalamata olives at a party and it was an amazing combination of flavors.

                                  1. For all everyday fare, I have to vote with tochowchick on the pears and stilton blend.

                                    But one I haven't seen posted is the strawberry/Gjetost combi for the breakfast sandwich. I learned of this in Norway 10 years ago and can't get enough. Take two slices of multigrain bread and generously butter with plugra. Add generous slatherings of strawberry preserves, slices of thinly-sliced Gjetost and sliced fresh strawberries.

                                    A truly satisfying and filling morning treat.