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Oct 16, 2009 07:06 AM

San Marcos Good Eats?

Going to a mystery weekend on Halloween weekend and will have dinner Friday and lunch Saturday on our own.

For lunch Saturday (unless someone can convince me otherwise to stay in SM) is down to NB for some Coopers BBQ.

Can anyone give a rip-roarin' rec for dinner/lunch in SM? Atmosphere is just as important as quality of chow for this one.

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  1. San Marcos is 18 or so miles from Lockhart (Smitty's BBQ- one of the best in the state). We dropped by Smitty's last time we visited San Marcos.

    1. not sure about "rip roarin"...but here are some good choices in San Marcos...all have websites

      Palmers...San Marcos River Pub...Los Cucos...Mamacitas

      For BBQ...Salt Lick in Driftwood isn't TOO far away...30min or so, but it's easy to get lost finding it....bring your GPS.

      1. The Cool Mint Cafe in San Marcos is fabulous! Despite having a name that sounds like a
        Thai is not Thai. It's located in a 1920's Craftsman Bungalow downtown near the campus, and has a creative, eclectic menu that is well-executed.

        While you're in New Braunfels, be sure a stop for a big hunk of Apple Strudel at Naeglin's Bakery downtown ... the oldest bakery in Texas!

        1. Does anyone have an opinion on Palmers vs. Tap Room? Yes, one's "fancy" one's pub grub, but which one has the best bang for the buck?

          I live in Austin

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            TAP ROOM

            Hands down the best burger in town. Great place to try a new beer and watch sports. Most students in SM go to Palmers for special occasions but its not going to win an award any time soon. Overpriced not so great. They did have a great happy hour when I went to school there.

            Also look into Root cellar and san marcos river pub and grill ... those were my favs.