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Help - need simple good birthday cake in Toronto

My mom is coming to town and I need to get her a good, plain birthday cake. I bought her one from Dufflet once and she hated it! No whipped cream, just regular sweet traditional frosting. Preferably chocolate. The only places I know just have fancy cakes and I know she would not like that.

I'd appreciate any suggestions!!

Thank you.

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  1. I had a really good chocolate layer cake from Yummy Stuff on Queen W. for the last birthday in our house. Very rich but nothing fancy, just chocolate cake with traditional chocolate buttercream icing.

    1. I got a cake for a christening from Sobey's and they did a great job. Everyone loved it. It was simple and satisfying.

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        Yeah, I agree about Sobey's. I personally don't find them anything special, but if you just need a good plain cake, Sobey's good for that. My mom loves Sobey's cake.

      2. my better half had them (yummy stuff) make me a red velvet cake version of their cupcake for my birthday....brilliant

        1. Here's a previous thread talking about chocolate cake. The chocolate layer cake from Open Window bakery sounds like a winner for old fashioned chocolate cake.


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            Completely agree with the open window recommendation. Ask for either the chocolate fudge or double-dip.

            I have also had a deeeeelicious chocolate fudge cake from Fortinos. I can't speak for all the Fortinos but I get mine at the Dufferin & Allen Road location.

          2. LaRocca Cakes makes a chocolate fudge version that's available at Loblaws. It is quite good, but the icing is fudgy, in case that's not what she would prefer. They're probably a bit less expensive than Dufflet, but more expensive than the vegetable oil filled cakes made in-house in most grocery stores.

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              I am trying a place (in early November) for a custom made Birthday Cake (my BIG birthday) it's called "Cake Boutique" it's on Wilson Avenue at the far end (west) of the Bagel World Plaza. The Baker (Norbert) is European and some of the cakes on display were in that tradition BUT I have asked for a fresh Banana Cake with a Chocolate Fudge Topping (not Buttercream which is the 'norm'). He seems very eager to please and tells me that he will bake whatever I want using only fresh ingredients ie; not banana extract or oil base as in some commercial cakes...I'm quite looking forward to trying this place out..my cake will be in the 40-50 serving range and will be under $100. He also teaches a Baking course at George Brown so I'm assuming he's a pretty decent Baker. The Party is on November 14th so I'll see how it turns out. I'm posting this because it was one of 4 places I tried who said that it was not a problem..the others had some difficulty with my request (jeez, I thought it was not that difficult and no, I can't bake it myself because of the size!)

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                I also wanted to agree that the cakes at the Loblaws/Superstore bakeries are usually really good too. They have some really nice chocolate ones.

                And LaRocca is to die for.

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                  the strawberry shortcakes from Loblaws are quite nice!

              2. The Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake from Open Window Bakery (several locations) will please the most discerning gateauphiles




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                  Sugar Plum on Kingston Rd in the Beach.

                  Sylvia's cakes are tasty and beautiful.

                  They are our go to place for all cakes / cupcakes when we cant do our own.

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                    Good suggestion. Not a well-known place, and they don't do a lot of different things, but the cakes are quite good and very pretty.

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                      For something like that I would phone Flakey Tart.
                      The owner (Madelaine) is very knowlegeable and patient and will understand exactly what you want.
                      If she can't do it she will tell you who can.

                2. If you're in the east end I recommend Jubilee Cakes at 1959 Gerrard St. East on the south side, a few doors east of Woodbine Ave. We've had birthday cakes from them for years and they're always fresh and delicious. Some are too elaborate for your taste, but they also do plainer ones as you describe. (416) 690-2227.