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Oct 16, 2009 06:41 AM

Help - need simple good birthday cake in Toronto

My mom is coming to town and I need to get her a good, plain birthday cake. I bought her one from Dufflet once and she hated it! No whipped cream, just regular sweet traditional frosting. Preferably chocolate. The only places I know just have fancy cakes and I know she would not like that.

I'd appreciate any suggestions!!

Thank you.

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  1. I had a really good chocolate layer cake from Yummy Stuff on Queen W. for the last birthday in our house. Very rich but nothing fancy, just chocolate cake with traditional chocolate buttercream icing.

    1. I got a cake for a christening from Sobey's and they did a great job. Everyone loved it. It was simple and satisfying.

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        Yeah, I agree about Sobey's. I personally don't find them anything special, but if you just need a good plain cake, Sobey's good for that. My mom loves Sobey's cake.

      2. my better half had them (yummy stuff) make me a red velvet cake version of their cupcake for my birthday....brilliant

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          1. Here's a previous thread talking about chocolate cake. The chocolate layer cake from Open Window bakery sounds like a winner for old fashioned chocolate cake.


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              Completely agree with the open window recommendation. Ask for either the chocolate fudge or double-dip.

              I have also had a deeeeelicious chocolate fudge cake from Fortinos. I can't speak for all the Fortinos but I get mine at the Dufferin & Allen Road location.