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Oct 16, 2009 03:36 AM


Anyone tried this place in Cockeysville. Thoughts??

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  1. I like it quite a lot as a great option in the chain-mecca that is Hunt Valley for lunch. I've also been for dinner. They are quite the "fusion"-y place -- there's Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and other Asian influenced cuisines on the menu, but they seem to do each one pretty well. They do have a yaki bop in a hot stone bowl and good sushi. I haven't tried many of the dinner entrees though my dining companions seem to have enjoyed them. The full menu is at

    Looks like Elizabeth Large will have a review of Umi Sake in the Baltimore Sun this weekend (per her Dining @ Large blog).

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      thanks wanted to try tonight don't want to go far usually go to Greenleaf . Saw that El was reviewing Sunday looking forward to that. Maybe will try tonight since weather is so yuck! than downtown tomorrow night