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Oct 16, 2009 01:43 AM

Cheese and wine meal in central Paris

Two friends and I are in Germany and making a quick trip to Paris for a day. We're big cheese eaters and want to find a good place to sit and eat a variety of cheese and drink wine. Any recs?

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  1. As most non high level restaurants serve either a bunch of uninteresting cheeses or 'one perfect cheese', think you are better with a picnic type thing. At metro Maubert-Mutualité is Dubois and a wine store next to him, cannot do much better than that. This weekend at Espace Champerrat is the Salon des Fermiers. l am just back and they had 10 vintners and 15-20 cheese producers, through Monday.

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      There's a cheese shop thas has tables on Mouffetard, close to Contrescarpe (or there was last I checked, don't go there often). La Ferme Saint Hubert also has that. And there was a cheese restaurant in the 15th, by Sèvres Lecourbe, rue Emile Duclaux. There's also a restaurant called "pain vin fromage" in rue Langevin in the 4th.

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        Thanks for that pointer. Wow was the Salon des Fermiers good. We went this afternoon and I had the best cheese of my life there - a Beaulieu from Marayn de Bartassac. I put some photos up on flickr, but be warned they don't do justice, since it's pocket camera + fluorescent lighting, bleah.

        (photos still uploading, so you can probably just move around in the flickr photostream to get the rest)

      2. As someone who lived in Paris for over 10 years, in my opinion there's no better place to sample French cheese and wine than the Resto-Zinc Les Marcheurs de la Planète, at 73 rue de la Roquette in the 11th (near métro Voltaire or a 10 minute walk up from la Bastille). It's only open in the evenings. The owner, Yann, is a charming young man with extensive wine knowledge and he only buys his cheeses from small, high quality producers (so be warned, sometimes this means that he's out of some things on the menu). You can get a plate with several cheeses and meats at very reasonable prices. I highly recommend the duck sliced like thick prosciutto. Tell him Cathy the Texan girl who now lives in Burgundy sent you.

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        1. This may be too late but since people ask this question all the time and soe of them actually know how to search, since the old places are gone (except for Astier), I came across this today in resto de
          Les Aprioris
          82 rue des Archives, 75003 Paris (situer sur la carte
          Have not been, but.... there you are.

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            We are across the street from there this week; looks great, haven't yet been able to go in, but a nice vibe from the outside. Your link didn't work for me (I think because there was a colon immediately after?), but here for others is the full link w pictures, comments, etc

            we'll be sure to report our findings...

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              In re Les Aprioris: went in earlier this week; quiet on the Tuesday evening we were there with just us, but have seen it more crowded when we've gone by in the past; a lovely plate of cheeses, I couldn't say who the producers were but we liked them a great deal. A simple wine list. A sweet young woman running the place. Nina Simone for music. Great place to go for pre-dinner, or for light dinner.