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Oct 15, 2009 10:23 PM

Driving from M.I.T. to ~Portland, Maine

I'd like to get a little tour of Maine, but not spend the whole day driving. Visiting a friend at MIT in Boston, and planning to do a day trip to Maine on the 95 freeway. I'm a blueberry fanatic, so even though they're out of season, I'd still like to visit and maybe find a blueberry souvenir shop? Anything blueberry, I wanna see it =) Shellfish would also be on the CHOW-radar.

I found some possibilities on the board: Duck Fat, Blue Spoon, and Silly's. No blueberry or lobster specialties yet though...

I think Portland would be an hour and half drive from MIT, so anything closer than that would be preferred ;) Thanks in advance!

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  1. I googled Maine blueberries and found a yummy sounding place in Bar Harbor. They didn't list where their products can be purchased but on their website said they wholesaled. Maybe contact them for retailers.

    Here's an interesting gift shop in southern Maine
    It is located in Alfred Maine, not too far from the Kennebunk area.

    I picked NH blueberries this year and made some fabulous desserts. Hope you find some good things.

    1. duck fat. duck fat. duck fat. terrific place.

      lobster is so cheap around here, nobody really eats it out. we're paying $4-7 a pound this summer and restaurants have to charge upwards of $25 per pound. (in boston it's usually $35-$50 pp)

      portland has a great craft beer culture. see the link above.

      between boston and portland, the only towns of any size are newburyport and portsmouth. both are still very small, with not much by way of interesting food. you're best off heading up to portland.

      1. If you are only making a day trip from Boston and don't want to spend alot of time in the car than just go to Portland. Great food options and if you like beer than check out Novare Rez Bier garden.

        1. Portland is closer to 2.5 hours from MIT. If Barnacle Billy's is still open in Ogunquit that is a great place for lobster - if not, check out Bob's clam shack in Kittery. In Portland, I like Gilbert's chowder house for lobster. I do not know of any shrine to blueberries but if you google blueberries and maine you may find something. In addition to the restaurants you listed add the Front Room, a block away from the Blue Spoon.

          1. If you're a blueberry fan, then come to Portland and have some blueberry pancakes!

            I can't get enough of them and eat them at least twice a week.

            You could go to Becky's Diner or Kathy and Dave's. Bintliff's is also a good choice. All three are fantastic for breakfast.