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Oct 15, 2009 10:02 PM

What would you make with lobster, if it wasn't so expensive? (since it isn't right now!)

At $6.99/lb in landlocked Texas, I feel the need to take advantage of these crazy low lobster prices. Go ahead new englanders and taunt me with your $3.99/lb at Shaws, but it's the lowest I've ever seen here, and probably will ever see again.

So being that I can afford to do more than just steam them as a main course, what would you do with lobster if you could use it as an ingredient? I can think of lobster cakes (and I'd love a recipe suggestion - how do you think the filler would need to differ from crab cakes?), but not much else comes to mind. It's a whole new world!

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  1. Butter-poached lobster ( served with duck-fat fried greens and steamed rice. Simple dinner, and delicious.

    We also are enjoying the current cheap lobster.

    1. Make lobster rolls, or just plain old lobster salad. That's my favorite way to prepare lobster.

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        I forgot, if cooking for a crowd, I like Lobster Fra Diablo.

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          Even though it's cheap, if you want to stretch it a bit or change up the taste, I've had a very good lobster/shrimp roll at a local restaurant. On a hot dog bun of course.

        2. Lobster Pie is my fav. There are several versions out there but simply and fantastic is ritz crackers, butter, lobster. I've been wanting to do a tower lobster pie. I recently did a lobster/crab tower salad tthat was great, see pic - it's in my profile

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            I didn't see the picture, but I was intrigued by Lobster Pie so I googled it. There are so many styles. I think I want to try it. I'm going to go pretty plain like you, but with the addition of shallots and a little sherry. Wish me luck! I hope to try some more of these ideas while the prices stay low.

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              I love making Lobster Pie, but I make it in a pie shell like pot pie. Definitely sherry and shallots.

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                I keep wanting to make a lobster pot pie, but so far I've only made chicken ones.

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                  I just started making chicken pot pies last year, so easy! The lobster (or clam or oyster) pies are not much different, and such a nice treat.

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                How did it come out? Check out this topic, my pic of the lobster/crab salad tower is in this:

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                  It came out pretty good but I think I cooked it too long in the oven hoping for the crackers to crisp up under all that butter. I would definitely do it again, just put the pies under the broiler instead. Even slightly overcooked, it was real comfort food. I do wish I would have seen your pic before though, because that tower looks amazing!

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                    I've lately been into towers, go to my profile and you can click on my pics - best is the shephard's pie. :-)

            2. butter poached is killer, but we have just been gorging on them steamed with drawn butter all summer. the flavor is so sweet and briny i hate covering it up.

              save the bodies and heads to make lobster bisque.

              you could use it in risotto or paella, stew, pot pie or a gratin. over pasta with a tomato basil butter sauce.

              1. There are small lobsters on sale in NYC for 4.99/lb so I'm thinking about highlighting what little meat there is in a garlic-scallion stir fry or perhaps a very Hong Kong roasted lobster with cheese.