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Oct 15, 2009 09:50 PM

Crispy okra?

I have some fresh okra from a new garden we have. I'm trying my best to get it crispy fried without the slimy seeds in the middle.

I usually pan fry it in veg oil on medium heat; should I turn up the heat or cut the pieces more finely? Maybe a dice then fry?

I like the taste, but the texture is not so good. I've read similar things about cactus to get the texture not so slimy.

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  1. Wash it and make sure it is completely dry before you handle it. The moisture from washing brings out the slime. Once it is dry, you can slice it any way you like. Fry on high heat at first then after 5 mins or so, turn the heat down to medium-low. Fry till it looks golden.

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      My husband tosses them in flour and then fries. It's a deep fry, not a pan fry. They are very crunch and crispy.

    2. We deep fry in cornmeal....sometimes mixed with a little flour.


      1. Try this one - spicy and delicious. I put the paper towels on a rack to drain the okra.

        1. Good tips, thanks! And @ Bayoucook, nice recipe!