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The Car Bomb will change your life

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If those in Williamsburg haven't checked out Saltie yet:

378 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

please do, it's amazing, simple, affordable and life altering.

Simple, well thought out sandwiches, rustic baked-goods and the most amazing treat I've had in quite a while.

The Car Bomb
scoop of salted caramel ice cream
drowned in Guinness

How perfect is that?

I highly recommend this place.


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  1. I'm partial to the caramel sundae from Timmy O's in Astoria. He uses a great vanilla for the frozen custard. Thank you for informing me of the name, "Car Bomb", for the beverage you like. Part of the value of this cite has been exposing me to new food combos like ice cream and french fries you like. The fresh cream at Blue Marble is low sugar and would be my desire, but where to get fries? I would have not imagined eating these together, but now I will give that a try. Another use I have found for Chowhound is finding what I chow don't find personally worthy and sometimes even personally edible. For me, I can find nothing named car bomb edible.

    1. Your review is spot on. Went there on a weekday. Love the staff. Adore the food... the sardine sandwich on foccacia, the hummus on naan, the salty caramel ice cream sandwich on dark chocolate cookies. Wish Cheeks was still around but I'm so happy it was replaced by this and not another asian fusion place.

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        Amen about the Asian fusion...

      2. This afternoon, I stopped in for a Clean Slate, which I enjoyed. The naan wasn't tandoor-fresh - not a surprise, but still a slight disappointment. And instead of sauerkraut (listed on the in-store menu), the open-faced sandwich had pickled vegetables (listed on the menupages menu). Since I like anything briney, that was fine by me. It seems like a lot of thought went into the place, and I appreciate that.

        But I do not appreciate the miniature stools. I'm a small woman, and I felt like I was being skewered. Can't imagine how larger folks deal with the seating situation.