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Mexican in Calgary

just visited Salt ' Pepper... in Cochrane
It was great,....
is there better Mexican in Calgary...
just moved here from winnipeg....
where mexican is all but non-existent..
everything else but.

whose got a good place to go?
i'm on SW......

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  1. You definitely should try Mi Tierra Tu Taqueria.
    10015 Oakfield Drive SW (238-1749).

    Check out this post:

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    1. re: miss.foodie

      thanks miss.foodie,.....
      will give it a try,.... i read the post,... sounds great!

      1. re: miss.foodie

        Absolutely second the Mi Tierra suggestion. And try their Sopes.

        Mi Tierra
        10015 Oakfield Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2V, CA

      2. In addition to Mi Tierra there's also a place called Las Tortillas in Marlboro (I mapped it and it's withing walking distance of the Marl C-Train station) that now sells tacos- the real thing.


        New place is going in at a glacial place on 17th (SW) next to the renovated Moxie's called Los Chillitos but I can't say when it will be open. Work has been going on there since late spring, very frustrating, but I live 2 blocks away and will let everyone know when it opens. They tell me it's authentic Mex.

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        1. re: John Manzo

          I noticed they took away the behemoth ramp going up the side of their patio. They took forever on the damn thing and now they take it away, not much demand for a patio right now anyway. Would be nice for them to just finish up inside. I know what you mean when you say frustrating though, lived a couple blocks away too and was excited to watch it go up, and then, nothing, yet.

          1. re: Pintye

            They replaced the front wheelchair ramp with one on the rear, off the parking area which probably makes more sense.

            The lights are on in there, often, this is driving me LOCO!

        2. John Manzo,

          Keep us posted as to when that new mexican place on 17th Ave finally does open. When I visit Calgary, I often stay in a condo a couple of blocks away and usually walk by this place in hopes that it will be open. I am not expecting a Texas style taquieria, but am curious as to what this place will be like.

          John F

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          1. re: jcontario

            Is it open yet? If yes, have you been?

            1. re: jsfoodchat

              jsfoodchat: Los Chilitos, the place on 17th Ave SW opened late last year. Here's a more detailed thread on it.

          2. I made my second visit to Los Chillitos today and can say that it was excellent. They have a lunch special of 3 tacos with rice and beans for $9.95 and let me begin by saying that this is an excellent deal- yes, NONLINEAR, you can get a taco for $2 or less from a Fresno taco truck, but still in Calgary $10 for a good gut-busting lunch is a good deal- even better when it's delicious, and it was delicious today.

            My main complaints about visit 1 was that the tacos were single-tortilla and the refried beans were poor- too thick, too stodgy. Today? 2 tortillas each, muchas gracias, and the beans were EXCELLENT. I could have had a whole dish of the rice and beans. The tacos were very good- well the adobo pork and the chicken were delish; I got carnitas too and it was too chewy but I'm much happier to find good pork. Two little salsa ramekans were very tasty (HOT red salsa, less hot garlicky green one). Full marks for a great cost-effective lunch.

            Great to see these guys hit their stride on the basics- now to expand that menu and have fish tacos.

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            1. re: John Manzo

              sweet, thanks johnny boy! i still haven't been there yet, but hope to make it soon! although, it doesn't help that the new mi tierra location is walking distance from home!

              thanks for the update!

              1. re: John Manzo

                i was there the other week and pretty much had the exact same thing. I would've commented but I barely tasted the tacos as they went down -- too hungry!

                a question about the refried beans though, is that the way they're traditionally supposed to be? I'm speaking about the texture mostly; as you note, they're quite runny. I didn't care for them myself and thought they were under seasoned, but maybe I just need to re-adjust my idea of what refried beans should be like.

                1. re: marcopolo

                  yep, they should be runny. These are pretty much perfect.

              2. This is a thread about Mexican places, therefore I cannot let it go by without mentioning La Dona on International Avenue (17th Ave. SE).

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                1. re: Lainey1978

                  "This is a thread about Mexican places, therefore I cannot let it go by without mentioning La Dona on International Avenue (17th Ave. SE)."

                  hahahah, i have to chuckle every time i see that euphemism. :)

                  1. re: Lainey1978

                    stopped in today but they were closed,do you know the hours of the place?

                    1. re: howlin

                      No...they've always been open when I went. I wonder if they're closed between lunch and dinner? I was driving by once and they were closed, but they opened an hour or two later (around 5 or 6). I could try to find out next time I go there.

                  2. adding links:
                    gotta try La Dona's

                    Las Tortillas
                    4100 Marlborough Dr NE #2, Calgary, AB T2A 2Z5, CA

                    Tu Tierra Restaurant
                    8316 Fairmount Dr SE #30, Calgary, AB T2H 0Y8, CA

                    Los Chilitos Taco & Tequila House
                    1309 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0C4, CA

                    Antojitos La Dona Restaurant
                    3603 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2A 0R8, CA

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                    1. re: rosetown

                      i don't know how to add links, but don't forget to and Mi Tierra (the original location). there are also several Salt and Pepper locations in calgary, which the OP seemed to like. bowness location is the best. although I find S&P to be very overpriced with undersized portions. a 100 pound girl should not leave hungry after eating an entree. seriously.

                      1. re: nonlinear

                        Here they are.
                        Mi Tierra was already linked and mapped, added by Conrad in an earlier post. This 185 lb boy last ate at the S&P Bowness 10 years ago and was disappointed.
                        Still, it's great that, the newer and better, authentic Mexican restaurants have been posted to this thread. :)

                        "+ Manage Your Links" is at the bottom of every reply. Click on it to expand. In the box that appears type in the name of the restaurant. A database search is performed and if a match is found it is presented. Select it. If not found, you can add it, only, if you have editing permissions granted by Chow. Every Chowhounder can add links in posts. Only some can add restaurants to the database. This permission can be sought.

                        The Calgary restaurant data base is not robust. Some, talked about ,and almost all new, restaurants are not in the database.

                        Much of Chow's restaurant database was purchased, I assume, from opentable. Most of Opentables listings could be called 'Fine Dining'. The world has changed. Now, really good food is often inexpensive ethnic food. Go figure, better for less, but I like.:) These, unfortunatley fall beneath the radar, and are added to the database by ardent and anal hounders like me. We could use some help, psychiatrists aside. ;)

                        Salt & Pepper
                        6515 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0E8, CA

                        Salt & Pepper
                        4351 MacLeod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2G 0A3, CA

                        1. re: nonlinear

                          Mi Tierra on Oakville is now a latin fashion shop?

                          where is the restaurant now?
                          I've been out o twn for 6 months...
                          where is it now?

                          Mi Tierra
                          10015 Oakfield Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2V, CA

                          1. re: jerrywes

                            I'm not sure because I haven't been there since they opened their new location (Tu Tierra) on Heritage and Fairmount.