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Oct 15, 2009 08:11 PM

Need a wing destination in south Mississauga or area.

Since Rubicon burnt down and had a bad experience with Clarkson Pump wings - where can I go for good wings. Not looking for a place that has everything plus wings - need a wing destination! Sure miss those Jerk wings......:(

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  1. I know this is a bit out of your destination range but having lived in Clarkson for 3 years other than the Rubicon there was not really anywhere. I agree the Pump wings are sadly lacking.. but we have tried this place and it is excellent. It is in Oakville but definetly worth the 15 minute drive for them. Large, yummy, excellent sauce choices, and really good meal deals.

    1. Just had some wings with hubby at Wild Wings. We bothhad different sauces, although didn't make a difference. Wings were breaded and no option for non-breaded so assuming frozen wings. Both of us found the wings to be horrible. The wings were saugy, oversauced and a bit too big for our liking. We prefer the option to have non breaded wings. Service was also lacking as we were not told of an extra charge for tasting a sauce on the side and when asking the server about the charge, her response was quite rude. We personally found the wings to be disgusting and each only ate four wings and will never go back. If you perfer smaller wings and unbreaded like us, try Clarkson Pump or Pump House Grill (both in South Mississauga)........great wings there and will not stray

      Clarkson Pump
      1744 Lakeshore W, Mississauga, ON L5J4N8, CA

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        I just went to that Wild Wing yesterday and I thought it was really good. Yes the wings have a bit of a breading but its not thick in the slightest bit, it tastes great. The best part is they have around 100 sauces for the wings, which are really just variations of different ingredients, but choice is still great. My favorite is called "Some Beach", which is a mix of Hot, Buttermilk Dill and Gar-Par(garlic parmasen sauce), and its such a tasty wing!

        The wings are big and juicy, I know some people dont like that style wing but unless you are that picky of a wing guy these will be good for you. Some people are just wing snobs and must only have a medium sized wing with no breading at all and usually a true buffalo sauce, but if you are open to this kind of wing, you will probably love it.

        The place is clean, has good beer, cute waitresses, lots of screens for whatever game is on. You should give this place a try, at Lakeshore and Cawthra across from Dairy Cream. Im pretty sure they have lots of Jerk options and variations as well!

        Dairy Cream
        715 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5G1J7, CA

        1. re: jmarcroyal

          I was at the location at Winston Churchill and QEW so Oakville border. I actaully asked our waitress at the Gar-Par and her response was that is was just cesear dressing so I opted against trying it. I don't consider myself a wing snob at all.....I just prefer the taste of the crispy wing meat only and also don't want to add the extra calories from the breading and even more calories cause breeading soaks up more sauce.
          On another note, I just noticed the OP had a bad experience at Clarkson Pump so probably should not have recomended

          Clarkson Pump
          1744 Lakeshore W, Mississauga, ON L5J4N8, CA

          1. re: fryerlover

            Had wings last night at Clarkson Pump with hubby and the wings were still good, however much smaller this time. So small that they may not even be worth $0.50/each. We have been a number of times, so I am really hoping it was just a bad batch of wings. Being hopeful until my next wing fix.

            Clarkson Pump
            1744 Lakeshore W, Mississauga, ON L5J4N8, CA

      2. In the Oakville area there is house of wings. have never really been disappointed, lots of unique flavours to choose from.

        but for wings I usually make the drive to Arizonas by the airport. Wings are huge and tasty and the waitresses are usually pretty haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwtttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        1. re: greekyptianguy

          Just went drinking at Arizona's the other day and couldn't justify the prices for the wings.. 1 pound of wings $11 before tax... Ouch.

          And -10 points for Wild Wing, that place is a brutal ripoff and the wings are small.

        2. It might be a little out of the way, but not too far, but Wingporium on Islington, north of the Queensway, in Etobicoke is fantastic. There are 88 different sauces, some of which are fantastic, the wings are a great size and really meaty, and there isn't really any breading that gets in the way of the great flavour of their wings.

          My favourite sauces include the Spicy Plum and Serpent Venom (Blue Cheese and Voodoo (really hot)). This place is fantastic!

          1000 Islington Ave, Toronto, ON M8Z4P8, CA

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