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Oct 15, 2009 08:02 PM

JOE'S in Venice - very disappointing

I finally made it to Joe’s in Venice. I heard (and read) about this restaurant for a while now, mostly very solid reviews, so I had reasonably high expectations. Sorry to report that my visit to Joe’s was very disappointing.

Both my companion and I had the tasting menu ($65 each). The amuse bouche - seared tuna with octopus, was interesting, if a bit strong on the aftertaste. The tuna sashimi appetizer was the highlight. Then the fish course arrived (don’t remember the name of the fish, it was a meaty white fish), my piece was completely raw. I very nicely asked the waiter to take it back to grill it a bit, which he did, and the cooked fish arrived. The problem (before it was fully cooked and after) was that it was too salty, and with not a lot of taste. Next – rabbit roulade with lentils on the side. The tiny bite of the rabbit was very good, but on the second bite all I could taste was fat and toughness (had to spit it into a napkin as it was un-chewable). So – the piece of the rabbit, the size of a dime, was very tasty, but the rest of the piece was inedible.
The dessert was fine, a cheesecake with raspberries – too rich to go with the meal, in my opinion, but not bad.

The bill – almost $200 with tip (we shared 1/2 bottle of wine). My companion felt the same way as I did…too expensive and not good enough. In addition to very mediocre food, flies and bugs were flying above our table most of the evening (and we sat indoors).

Either the tasting menu on the night I was there was off – or it is best to order a la carte. Or is the restaurant going downhill?

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  1. years ago i was a regular at joes.
    after a series of episodes not any better than yours, i stopped going there.
    imho, there are too many other, better, more reliable places to spend my money. . . .

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      While I completely agree with you regarding their dinner, I keep finding myself coming back there for brunch. I think their brunch is a great deal, with tax and tip its only around $20/pp for two courses.

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        Agree; I've never had a good experience at Joe's.

      2. sorry about this experience and the waste of money!

        i am always a bit perplexed when i see people rave about joe's. i've never had an excellent meal there. i've had fine meals - but for the price, i just don't think it's worth my time. i'd rather eat somewhere new. even so - people seem to still like it. i guess it's just different tastes / different ordering? good luck to your next dining adventure!

        1. Stick to dining there before dark. I gave up eating dinner here a long time ago.
          Like joshekg, brunch/lunch is the way to go. It's always delicious and a great bargain.
          If only I could order anything but the peeky toe crab. That dish is great.

          1. I'd venture a guess the "bugs" referred to are fruit flies...better clean the drains and trash cans, bartenders. It's called "sidework" and management is supposed to follow up on these things.

            From this lack of attention, it would seem that management lacks the focus necessary to maintain Joe's rep. Ultimately, it's on them to see to the food , presentation and quality are up to par.

            The responses I see here indicate they are asleep at the wheel.

            1. Sorry to hear, I liked my meal at Joe's but it was a brunch (and the majority of raves I've heard are for that or their weekday lunches)