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Oct 15, 2009 07:44 PM

Phat Sammich, Birmingham, MI

Anybody else been? Berkleygary ordered a club -- with crustless artisan white bread toast, turkey, ham, tomatoes with taste, very generous, three layers, well portioned. Looks like a place with real potential.

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  1. Went there for lunch today. I had the braised beef brisket. Tasty!!!! Lets break it down:

    1) Onion roll: Nice crisp crusting with soft doughy inside. Great flavors.
    2) Beef brisket: Decent to good. not the BEST brisket, but good flavors, lean. a touch chewy, but the sauce in was just right. Smokey sweet without being overpowering.
    3) Cole Slaw: Very, very good. Crispy, touch of spice, added great textures to the sandwich.

    friendly, fun service. I'll definitely be trying out that place again. Lots of interesting things on the menu that I want to try out.


    1. This has become one of my easy, go-to take out places. The shaved prime rib sandwich (I get it on a hoagie, rather than the italian bread) is excellent! Not the kind of food you can eat all the time (pretty heavy), but tasty, reasonably priced, with good service to boot.