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Sushi on the westside

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Where are some good sushi restaurants on the westside that isn't too expensive?

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  1. hide on sawtelle, is very good buy. not fancy. no reservations. cash only.
    k-zo in culver city is more upscale but still reasonably priced. they take reservations and credit cards. pretty restaurant.

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      1. re: westsidegal

        Third Hide. They are great.

        I also go to lunch at Sakura Restaurant in Mar Vista from time to time. It's not as good as Hide, but I still enjoy it.

        1. I'm sure there are many threads on this, but yes, Hide on Sawtelle is the obvious choice.

          1. Sushi Masu.

            I'm not a fan of Hide; it's value-priced, but the quality has been inconsistent in my experience.

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            1. re: vinosnob

              i second masu. i've not experienced any inconsistency in quality. then again, i go 1-2x per quarter.

              1. re: wilafur

                "i second masu. i've not experienced any inconsistency in quality."

                Since vinosnob was commenting on the inconsistency at Hide rather than Masu I'm a little confused...are you talking about Hide in your comment?

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                  Hide and Masu are two of the top picks for value. Masu has a better atmosphere. and Hide has lower prices. The sushi is similar quality.

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                    ha, i had a dyslexic moment this morning. =)

                    1. re: wilafur

                      Inconsistency in the dyslexia...that I can understand! ;-D>

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                      funny, i read wilafur's comment to mean... i prefer masu. i've never experienced any inconsistency there (unlike at hide...).

                      i personally prefer masu to hide, but wouldn't *not* recommend hide.

                2. Kiyokawa on Robertson is a gem.

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                    wholeheartedly agree with this! i didn't know about it til i moved to the area, and literally ran by it. asked about it here on the board, and got a couple of good reviews, so we gave it a go. *gem* is the perfect word and great attentive service from the chef. they remember you even after one or two times, very personal feel.