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Oct 15, 2009 06:40 PM

Daniel Rose opens Table 28 in the original Spring location

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  1. I tried calling but only connected to a message -- although my French is not sufficient to understand it. Would you know what the message says? How do I make a reservation? Many thanks.

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    1. re: Nancy S.

      I would call again next week (Wednesday through Sunday) from noon to 1pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME (6 to 7pm, Paris time). Fabian will speak English and you shouldn't have a problem. This format has always worked for us.

      1. re: Nancy S.

        I spoke to Daniel today and wrote about it here:

        Dinner for now is Wednesday - Sunday and lunch service will begin shortly. To reserve, call Fabian at 06 42 87 79 64 (if you're dialing from the U.S. that's 011-33/6 42 87 79 64).

          1. re: adrian

            Adrian is it simply a hot new table for the jaded residents of Paris or is the cooking worth the trip to the wilds of the 9eme ;-)

            I liked Spring, but hope Spring II will let DR raise the game as the format of Spring I seemed limiting i.e. very small kitchen, very small team, and serving everyone at once.

            1. re: PhilD

              For me, it's a good rotisserie with excellent products. Daniel Rose was there the night I dined (I was not only the first, but the only one in the dining room with the exception of an Asian/American gentleman who walked in because he thought Spring still existed!), but he will not be there anymore, as soon as he hires a new chef. If Daniel was still cooking fulltime here, obviously it'd be worth the detour. If you want to taste the legendary "coucou de Rennes", it's worth the detour. But it isn't Spring II. His new place will raise the bar next year.

              1. re: adrian

                The rotisserie idea is really hot, isn't it? First we had AOC, then Le 51 where Ptipois had the worst chicken she's ever had, next 28, and now Rosa Bonheur's real resto with 3 rotissed items. A trend?

                1. re: John Talbott

                  Reply to oneself: yes; today my charming ex-co-host and I ate at the full resto now open in the Butte Chaumont yclept Rosa Bonheur and I had a great rotissed rib(s) after a spectacular bisque of ecrevisses with Pastis. She had an (in MHO) ordinary chicken. But the setting, oddly enuf, on a grey, rainy day without all the joggeurs (my brothers), the setting was impressive.

                  John Talbott

        1. I find it interesting that in all of our collective conjectures on this and other forums, no one has commented on the projected role of Marie Aude in the new scheme of things. The level of cooking at Spring took a quantum leap when she took over the stove. Her judgement in cooking meat (and poultry, gamebirds and fish) is perfect and her sauces exquisite. Her expertise allowed Daniel to stretch and spread his wings.

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          1. re: mangeur

            I thot there was a comment on her opening the boutique herself. I agree tho' she's great.

            Are there other forums?

          2. Last chance. Table 28 gets boxed up and shipped off Monday.

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            1. re: John Talbott

              OK, very partial sighting (from the #85 bus) - it looks like the Israeli gang that bought it has reopened 28, there are dishes listed on the left side (like Daniel used to do) and he's kept the mysterious to open door, but alas, the bus, like that in Doctor Zhivago (did you know Yuri was his name?) passed by before I could read them, but it's not just burgers.