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Oct 15, 2009 06:33 PM

Winter CSA in Western Mass

I'm interested in signing up for a winter CSA share with a farm somewhere in the Pioneer Valley (we live in Montague). I'm trying to track down what my options are and am curious what people might be able to point me to. If you are, or have been a subscriber, I'd be curious to hear a bit of commentary on what you have thought of your farm.

We did a great winter CSA in the Boston Area a few years ago with Drumlin Farm, but since moving they are not an option. Our current summer CSA, Enterprise Farm (, offers a winter option, but we haven't been super happy with them so we are are looking to see what else we can find. I know Brookfield Farm ( offers a winter share, would love a review on them if anyone's got one.


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  1. i was actually just asking about one on the south shore.... if you find anything out, lemme know.

    1. No idea if this is of help, but if you come to the Brattleboro farmer's market on Saturday, you can ask the various organic farmers there. Even if they don't do a winter CSA, I bet you they will know who might! And the market is fab -- some excellent Thai (not Anon's) and fun African foods, plus more. Come hungry!

      1. I believe that Picadilly Farm in Winchester, NH has winter shares available for pick up at their farm: I've eaten lots of their winter produce -- I run a multi-farm winter csa in the Boston area and they supply many of our veggies -- and it's always terrific ('course I'm a bit biased!). Brookfield's farmer, Dan Kaplan, is one of the most experienced and talented farmers in the state....hard to imagine you could wrong with a winter share from his farm. Also consider the Greenfield Winter Fare on Feb 7... not a CSA, but lots of local veggies available, including greens:

        1. We've had a winter share at Brookfield for the past three years and we love it. Pickup is every other week, and there is sufficient variety not to feel bored. They mostly have root vegetables and some kale. Towards the end, it's mostly carrots and potatoes. Let me know what kind of details you're interested in.