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best byob in philly?

i'm looking for a great byob to go to in center city...reasonable prices if possible?!

Thanks so much!

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  1. wow- there are so many! what kind of food preferences?
    Matyson is a favorite

    1. There isn't one 'best' but my favorite right now in CC is Kanella. I could eat that food every day. You'll need to define 'reasonable prices', it's a meaningless term.

      1. Went to Matyson (19th and Market) for the first time last night. Wasn't blown away by it, but would go back. There are a zillion possibilities, depends on the type of food and how much are you really trying to spend.

        -la viola (italian)
        -la baia (italian)
        -branzino (italian)
        -kanella (mediterrean)
        -audrey claire (american i guess?)

        the really good byob's are in the other neighborhoods outside of center city IMO.

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          Tried La Baia on a walk around the neighborhood. Outstanding. Very accomplished food without the big ticket price tag.

        2. Mercato (Italian)
          Matyson (american) - love their tasting menus
          Lolita (Mexican)
          Bindi (Indian)

          outside of CC - Fond, Modo Mio

          1. All great suggestions and I will posit that I have never been to a BYO that has UNreasonable prices. Reasonable is subjective, of course, but it is pretty hard to order a plate over $30 at any of these places.

            1. a little off CC, but an easy cab ride is Bibou, which is pretty much my favorite byob right now. Simple, but well-executed.

              1. Radicchio, Chloe, La Locanda del Ghiotonne

                1. I would usually give my regular recs: Little Fish, Audrey Claire. But a few weeks ago I went to Pumpkin, which has been around a while and I've just never gotten to it since I always thought they were a little, well, boring. But OH MY GOODNESS. So good. Pork belly appetizer is quite possibly the best thing I've eaten all year.

                  1. I would second the recs for Kanella, Little Fish, and Bibou. I'd also add Cochon to the best of the best. Not technically CC, but not far off.

                    1. Some of my favorites would be Matyson, Melograno, Mercato, Branzino, Audrey Claire, Roberto Cafe, La Baia, Caffe Casta Diva. There are tons of choices in the city and most BYOBs will get you a very ample dinner for under $100 for 2. So I'd just check menus, reviews, and see what most appeals to you.

                      1. I heard that Bibou is great, though I haven't been.

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                          You must get to Bibou, everyone must get to Bibou, i don't get there enough!

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                            Agreed. We went there Friday after not having been for a while. The meal was superlative, as always; the service was delightful; Pierre made a point to stop by every table to say hello; the venison special was to-die-for. Definitely tops my list of best BYO, though there are certainly many good contenders.

                        2. Try Paul restaurant on Pine & Quince. They've started a new menu and the prices are reasonable. I'm having brunch there this Sunday.