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Oct 15, 2009 05:29 PM

Olive Vine (15th/7th) gone?

Just tried to call for takeout and was routed to the north slope spot off of Lincoln, who told me that the 15th St. location closed a couple of days ago, possibly for good. Anyone know what the deal is? Is this the rumored spot for Thistle Hill Tavern from the 'inoteca guys ( Olive Vine is one of my staples for decent, not-terrible-for-you takeout (and BYOB eat-in), it would be a giant bummer to lose it.

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  1. That would be a shame. Especially now that Laila is gone too.

    1. Not sure if that location is closed or not, but they have a branch (ha ha!) on Court and Sackett. (718) 797-1110

      You could give them a call and ask. If the Slope location closed, maybe they'll even deliver over to you.

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          1. re: oolah

            I meant is the food good enough to warrant a search for their other locations and/or have them deliver to a customer who does not live very close to them ?

            1. re: flo

              No, it's not. It's purely a neighborhood spot, but it was a good one, certainly the best (if probably the only) Turkish with ready access to South Slope. If I want great middle eastern I'll drive down to Tanoreen, but I felt lucky to have such a good fallback within a couple blocks.

              1. re: flo

                I would think calling one place is as easy as calling another. Same task, same result.

                Anyway, Olive Vine is decent, but not spectacular food. Solid neighborhood takeout.

        1. Obviously they are gone (were also a staple for local easy takeout for me) but they will deliver to the South Slope from the North Slope branch. I am sad to lose a BYOB place (last in the hood?) but glad something else is going in right away.