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Oct 15, 2009 04:45 PM

Clam Pizza and Fried Belly Clams in New Haven

Is It Possible To Have Both in the same vicinity? This upcoming Tuesday, 10/20, I will be traveling from New Jersey to New Haven to play golf at the famed Yale Golf Course. Afterwards, the plan is to go to Frank Pepe's......BUT, is there a better alternative for a more local favorite place for a FRESH CLAM pizza and possibly a spot for Fried Belly Clams and other Sea Foods? I'm not familiar with the logistics and towns, so any recommendations for places from the Yale Course and South back to New Jersey would be greatly appreciated. Most of my searches seem to point north of New Haven, which would not be practical for me. I don't have to be in New Haven if Fairfield is a better option to accomplish both in my journey. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I can only say my single trip to Frank pepe's for clam za was nirvana.

    1. Try the Fairfield location for Pepe's, then head down the street to Black Rock Oyster Bar for fried whole bellies. You'll pass Super Duper Weenie on the way, so perhaps stop in there for a dog. :)

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        See, now this is precisely the type of information that is pure gold.....knocking off three places in one trip.....and doing my part to conserve on fuel. Now, all I have to do is convince the other three in my group.

        Thanks p.

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          I second plien's suggestion for Black Rock Oyster Bar. They are my absolute favorite "local" place for whole belly fried clams. Sometimes they are larger than usual depending on the day's catch.

        2. Great course. If you truly can shoot four under, you will love it. If not, you may still love it, but four or more of your golf balls may end up under the water (or the leaves, branches, whatever)! Definitely Pepe's for the pizza.

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              Well, how about that! Enjoy the round, the pizza and the clams.