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Oct 15, 2009 04:18 PM

Where is the Best Rice Pudding?

Years ago I would come to Manhattan on business and head for Chandler's across from the Waldorf Astoria for their Rice Pudding. I still come to Manhattan, but no more Chandler's. Where can I get the best rice (trice the size or Quaker's puffed rice) pudding.

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  1. I'm not a rice pudding fan, and so have not been to Rice to Riches, which is downtown (Soho?), but I think it's gotten good reports here. You might try a search for it.

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      1. re: mahler5

        I should add - I gather that they only have rice puddings, or at least a huge selection of rice puddings?

        1. re: MMRuth

          They have both a huge selection, and I think they only have rice pudding. I found their rice puddings to be too sweet, and using leaky plastic containers.

          I have liked Kyotofu's rice pudding in the past.

          1. re: kathryn

            I'm a sucker for rice pudding, most any, but I stick at Rice to Riches. I tried their puddings three times. I wish I had a place to send you

          2. re: MMRuth

            it looks like they offer around 20 flavors of rice pudding and 10 different toppings...


            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              Rich to Riches is the closest rice pudding to my Grandmother's.
              She made hers totally from scratch...with cream and plenty of eggs.
              TRULY ORGASMIC!

              1. re: pbjluver

                Rice to Riches Rocks! Try Sex, Drugs and Rocky Road or the more traditional Category 5 Caramel. Mrs. GG loves the Jetsons style tupperware too!

        2. re: MMRuth

          I love this board! I adore Rice Pudding and had never heard of this place. I will certainly make a beeline for it.

        3. There's a stall at the market in Grand Central Station that sells rice pudding and tapioca pudding,

          1. I have to say that I love Rice to Riches, too. I am a sucker for graham crackers and their Honey Graham is incredible. For some reason, I am always slightly embarassed to go there: it's touristy, cheesy, expensive, and glutonous, but it's soooo wrong it's good. :-)

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            1. re: piegirl74

              Yes, I agree. I even have a self imposed rule of once per year!

              And come to think of it, it might be time for my annual visit.

            2. I've never really liked rice pudding much until Rice to riches and no other rice pudding I've had since compares. That said, they have some wonky flavors like the key lime pie or the mango which I didn't really enjoy. The caramel is divine, though. I think the secret is that they have smaller pieces of rice which feel more rounded. What results is puffy smooth rice pudding.

              1. Thanks everybody I'm on my way to Rice to Riches.

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                1. re: AMC1210

                  Try the mascarpone and cherry. It is fabulous.

                  1. re: kansel

                    As a result of this thread I retried the puddings here and still could not like them. Windycity might have isolated my problem here when she said, "I've never really liked rice pudding much until Rice to riches...". If you like the German or Jewish deli rice pudding, with baked egg white crisscross cinnamon on top then Rice to riches won't be for you.

                    1. re: wew

                      I have to mostly agree with wew. Rice to Riches is good enough but it would never replace my own homemade rice pudding or the kind you get at a really good deli. It's just a different style.

                      Rice to Riches is a great novelty place and makes for a fun snack, but it can't replace homemade :)

                      PS for anyone that has a Rice to Riches craving and isn't downtown - they sell individual portions at a number of sandwich shops around the city, including the Lenny's chain.

                      1. re: stephaniec25

                        "Rice to Riches is good enough but it would never replace my own homemade rice pudding or the kind you get at a really good deli."
                        With this in mind I tried the rice pudding at Russ and Daughter, a place that many think qualifies as a great deli. It was good but not good enough, but of a style I like.

                      2. re: wew

                        Looking at this thread, it explains exactly why I was disappointed at Rice to Riches last night. My favorite rice pudding ever was at a Turkish restaurant, where it was served hot with the top crusty and caramelized. I found R to R much too soupy with the occasional rice grain. Anyone have any additional recs for more custardy/firm versions? May have to try R and D.