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Let's Talk Broccoli Stalks

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I actually am a big fan of broccoli stalks, as well as the florets. I have a ton leftover from a recipe. Does anyone have some ideas where the stalk is the main star. Please stray away from the obvious, like frittatas. I'm looking for some yummy, possibly unique side dishes with the black sheep, broccoli stalks.

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  1. Finely diced and prepared in a curry.

    1. Oh, my goodness...we've had some very awesome discussions about broccoli stalks on this board...my favorite way to make them the *star* is to slice up and dip in hummus, simple and oh-so-good! This is not a side dish as you say, but definitely not a frittata and could be a wonderful starter.

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        I love them on a vegetable tray. Very surprisingly good.

      2. I've used stalks for broccoli soup & slaw. You could also peel the outer part off, slice & tempura; serve with a spicy dipping sauce.

        1. I like to peel them, slice, then do a Chinese style stir fry with garlic, fresh ginger, soy, a bit of sesame oil, and black bean sauce. You can add other veggies for color- sliced carrots or sliced red peppers. Then top with green onions...yum.

            1. Make a hot brine (vinegar, water, sugar, salt, or heat up the brine from jarred pickles) and pour over peeled stalks that have been sliced ultra-thin (mandoline or V-slicer). Store in refrigerator and serve chilled.

                1. blanch or quickly stir-fry and serve soused with balsamic vinegar

                  1. we have pickled broccoli stalks in my family. a nice crunchy veggie similar to pickles but we cut the stalks up.

                    1. I love making broccoli and cheese soup. It's a great way to get your veggies and 'hydrate'. Also, you could finely chop the broccoli and add other stuff like minced port and shitake mushrooms to make a filling for lettuce wrap

                      1. My mom used to make broccoli and beef using the stalks, peel off the skin, cut into 1-1/2" lengths and slice 1/8" thick. Stir fry with oil in a pan or wok, remove. Slice beef thinly, sprinkle salt and pepper, mix a little cornstarch, then fry in oil, remove. Add water to browned crust on pan to make a gravy type sauce, add soy sauce and pepper. Add the precooked beef and broccoli, toss all together. So good with steamed white rice, more of a main than a side.

                        1. Cooked through and pureed for broccoli guacamole
                          Stir-fried with oyster sauce and garlic

                          1. Years ago, Gourmet had a recipe for a yummy salad with julienned b.stalks and emmenthaler cheese. I think it had caraway or some other seeds in the recipe. Does anyone have that recipe?

                            1. cut into coins, steamed, dressed with butter, parm cheese and a dash of crushed red pepper, run under the broiler.

                              dry fried chinese style.

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                                I take the broccoli stems and blanch them for about 10 seconds scoop out a little of the insides and put peanut butter, cream cheese or a chedder cheese spread. makes good snacks. I also make broccoli cheese soup.

                              2. I use them pretty much like chayote, especially in ginisa (filipino saute, e.g. http://dcookingmudra.blogspot.com/200...)

                                Diced up with carrots, dried/fresh shrimp (or some ground meat, or no meat just veg) and tomatoes: quick, simple, cheap. Yummy, too.

                                1. I've shredded them with some carrot to make cole slaw or a base for stir-fries.

                                  1. Most common growing up: lightly blanched/steamed, served cold with miso .bit of sugar, and lemon juice dip.

                                    1. My favorite preparation, picked up from an izakaya (Japanese pub) near Tsukiji Market in Tokyo is to peel the stalks and to simmer until tender in Japanese dashi. Can be served hot or cold. A popular item in my husband's bento box for lunch.