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Oct 15, 2009 03:42 PM

Let's Talk Broccoli Stalks

I actually am a big fan of broccoli stalks, as well as the florets. I have a ton leftover from a recipe. Does anyone have some ideas where the stalk is the main star. Please stray away from the obvious, like frittatas. I'm looking for some yummy, possibly unique side dishes with the black sheep, broccoli stalks.

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  1. Finely diced and prepared in a curry.

    1. Oh, my goodness...we've had some very awesome discussions about broccoli stalks on this favorite way to make them the *star* is to slice up and dip in hummus, simple and oh-so-good! This is not a side dish as you say, but definitely not a frittata and could be a wonderful starter.

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        I love them on a vegetable tray. Very surprisingly good.

      2. I've used stalks for broccoli soup & slaw. You could also peel the outer part off, slice & tempura; serve with a spicy dipping sauce.

        1. I like to peel them, slice, then do a Chinese style stir fry with garlic, fresh ginger, soy, a bit of sesame oil, and black bean sauce. You can add other veggies for color- sliced carrots or sliced red peppers. Then top with green onions...yum.