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Oct 15, 2009 03:28 PM

Cast Iron Skillet Lid Necessary?

I'm buying a 10" Lodge Logic cast iron skillet. Should I also purchase the lid for it? If so, what kinds of dishes do you make that require covering the pan? Cost is not an issue (both the pan and lid are inexpensive), but it's one more thing to take up space if I don't need it.

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  1. Wow...I really hardly ever cover my Wagner Ware cast iron skillet, come to think of it...I use it for browning off certain meats...making cornbread in the bacon, eggs.....on the rare occasion that I need to cover, I would just use another pot lid that does the job. Truth be told, I bought the skillet and oh-god-this-is-so-heavy Dutch oven with lid together from someone in the classifieds a long time $15 purchase I ever I do believe there were a few times that I used that Dutch oven lid on the skillet but I have also improvised to using whatever I can find quickly in my totally cluttered array of pots and pans!

    1. I don't have a dedicated lid for any of my four cast iron skillets but I do have a universal lid similar to this one that I use often. I wouldn't bother with the cast iron lid. You won't use it all that often. If storage is an issue, buy the universal lid. Far more practical.

      1. Funny, but I, who always buy lids for even the most expensive pots (sometimes costing nearly $100 for copper lid), never even considered buying a lid for my cast iron skillet. I think if I were cooking something that needed a lid, such as something with a sauce, I would use a wide saute pan instead, probably stainless steel or even copper, depending on the sauce. I am far more likely to put a splatter guard on it to reduce oil spattering.

        1. My suggestion would be to buy the 5-qt dutch oven, too (decide whether you want the bail or the loop handles). The 10-1/4 inch lid should fit the 8SK (10-1/4") skillet.

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            I already have an enameled cast iron dutch oven (Le Creuset). When the Lodge skillet arrives, I'll check if the LC lid works with it. Thanks for the suggestion.

          2. I have a wide light steel lid that fits a variety of pans (up to about 12"). I also have several spatter screens that are handy with frypans like this.

            The Lodge lid might be better if you use the skillet like dutch oven - for a braise where you want most of the steam to condense and fall back in the pot. But usually you need something deeper for braising.

            Lodge also sells a pair of skillets, one of which can be used as a domed lid for the other.

            In my first kitchen I had an 8" iron skillet, and a 1 1/2 qt pyrex casserole who's lid also fit the skillet. In fact I still have the lid and skillet.