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Oct 15, 2009 03:27 PM

Midtown East Recommendations

My boyfriend and I are traveling to the city for a long weekend and we're staying in Midtown East, E 48th between Park and Lex. I visit a few times a year, but always stay with friends, and I am totally unfamiliar with this area. We have a few reservations, but I would like to have a few places in my pocket within walking distance.

I'm specifically interested in...

- Really great coffee. I always have trouble finding good coffee in NYC, no idea why...
- A decent wine shop.
- A good place for a loooong lunches.
- Sushi Yasuda, any opinions?
- Casual Italian or Med.

And, anything else you might recommend in the area!


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  1. Best coffee nearby is probably Joe inside of Grand Central.

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      There's a wine shop around the corner on 47th and 3d.

      Two restaurants that just opened and are around the corner from each other (52nd and 2d) are Gulluoglu, a Turkish baklava and coffee place, and Barros Luco, a chilean sandwich shop.

    2. Some of my favorite places are north of your hotel, but a ten minute walk.

      Bottega del Vino - their coffee - particularly the cappuccino, is my favorite in the city, and they have pastries etc. at breakfast. They also have excellent panini for a quick lunch or snack. They are between Fifth & Madison on E. 59th Street.

      Wine - Sherry Lehman is on Park Avenue and 59th.

      Sushi Yasuda is excellent.

      Long lunches - I'm a big fan of long lunches. Any particular cuisine?

      1. There is a good wine store in the old Chemical Bank building (now JPMorgan), precisely @ 48th and Lex. I believe it is cheaper than SL and can be a real fun to browse.

        Sushi Yasuda is excellent, not just for lunch.

        Some of my favorite restaurants in that neighborhood include Avra (Greek, more suitable for dinner or for a VERY long and leisurely lunch), Diwan (Indian), both on the E 48th. Sip Sak is a good inexpensive Turkish place @50 and 2nd, great for lunch (at least it was 4 yrs ago). Marrakesh is a popular Moroccan restaurant @53rd, between 2nd and 3rd, although it's quite small and at the basement level (hard to spot).

        Well, there are some other choices: what kind of food do you like?

        I believe there is no good coffee in that area, but I might be wrong. Then again, you may want to ask for some Turkish coffee @Sip Sak.

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        1. re: diprey

          When you have a chance, could you post the name of the wine store? Is this the old Manny Hanny building? (Yes, I am that old.)

          1. re: MMRuth

            Yes! I always entered the building from the other side, and that's 277 Park :). That might be # 500 on the Lex Ave side. As Google Maps reminds me, the store name is Beckman Liquors. Please don't ask for salesperson's name: all I remember she was quite knowledgeable and helpful (and I do think wine is food).

        2. Casual italian-
          Check out mia dona. it's about ten blocks from you, 58 and 3rd. Greek, italian hybrid thats super delicious and affordable. I ate there a few weeks ago. Have the gnudi!!

          1. I had a marvelous birthday party at Alcala, 342 East 46th St. It is Spanish, lots of tapas, lovely atmosphere! Very nice people there.