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Midtown East Recommendations

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My boyfriend and I are traveling to the city for a long weekend and we're staying in Midtown East, E 48th between Park and Lex. I visit a few times a year, but always stay with friends, and I am totally unfamiliar with this area. We have a few reservations, but I would like to have a few places in my pocket within walking distance.

I'm specifically interested in...

- Really great coffee. I always have trouble finding good coffee in NYC, no idea why...
- A decent wine shop.
- A good place for a loooong lunches.
- Sushi Yasuda, any opinions?
- Casual Italian or Med.

And, anything else you might recommend in the area!


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  1. Best coffee nearby is probably Joe inside of Grand Central.

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      There's a wine shop around the corner on 47th and 3d.

      Two restaurants that just opened and are around the corner from each other (52nd and 2d) are Gulluoglu, a Turkish baklava and coffee place, and Barros Luco, a chilean sandwich shop.

    2. Some of my favorite places are north of your hotel, but a ten minute walk.

      Bottega del Vino - their coffee - particularly the cappuccino, is my favorite in the city, and they have pastries etc. at breakfast. They also have excellent panini for a quick lunch or snack. They are between Fifth & Madison on E. 59th Street.

      Wine - Sherry Lehman is on Park Avenue and 59th.

      Sushi Yasuda is excellent.

      Long lunches - I'm a big fan of long lunches. Any particular cuisine?

      1. There is a good wine store in the old Chemical Bank building (now JPMorgan), precisely @ 48th and Lex. I believe it is cheaper than SL and can be a real fun to browse.

        Sushi Yasuda is excellent, not just for lunch.

        Some of my favorite restaurants in that neighborhood include Avra (Greek, more suitable for dinner or for a VERY long and leisurely lunch), Diwan (Indian), both on the E 48th. Sip Sak is a good inexpensive Turkish place @50 and 2nd, great for lunch (at least it was 4 yrs ago). Marrakesh is a popular Moroccan restaurant @53rd, between 2nd and 3rd, although it's quite small and at the basement level (hard to spot).

        Well, there are some other choices: what kind of food do you like?

        I believe there is no good coffee in that area, but I might be wrong. Then again, you may want to ask for some Turkish coffee @Sip Sak.

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          When you have a chance, could you post the name of the wine store? Is this the old Manny Hanny building? (Yes, I am that old.)

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            Yes! I always entered the building from the other side, and that's 277 Park :). That might be # 500 on the Lex Ave side. As Google Maps reminds me, the store name is Beckman Liquors. Please don't ask for salesperson's name: all I remember she was quite knowledgeable and helpful (and I do think wine is food).

        2. Casual italian-
          Check out mia dona. it's about ten blocks from you, 58 and 3rd. Greek, italian hybrid thats super delicious and affordable. I ate there a few weeks ago. Have the gnudi!!

          1. I had a marvelous birthday party at Alcala, 342 East 46th St. It is Spanish, lots of tapas, lovely atmosphere! Very nice people there.


            1. Spanish place called El Pote (is that Mediterranean enough?) on 3rd around 38th. I don't drink, so I can't attest to the wine selection, but the food and atmosphere are spot on.