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Oct 15, 2009 02:36 PM

Where am I going for dinner tonight?

Less that 25 minute drive from North Brunswick, NJ

Somewhere hip and fun?

Casual but not sloppy..

But quality edgy food? Any style goes

Any suggestions?

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  1. My first thought...Pithari Taverna in Highland Park? located right next to it sells their own Greek wine. Get Amethystos...sooo good!! (Red Wine)

    It's Greek food, and I just love the place. As everyone on the board already knows! haa haa

    1. I'd opt for Sahara, down on Easton Avenue. It's far less travel time in this abysmal weather and it's real good Mediterranean food.

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        Hi Jake! I have never heard of this place. Is it new? How is the food? Also, is it BYOB? Thanks!