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Oct 15, 2009 02:16 PM

Vancouver CH: Seattle Dinner for 2?

Hi there,
I am a Vancouver Chowhound visiting Seattle over US Thanksgiving weekend with my husband. Very special occasion as it is the first time going to Seattle (or anywhere) without child. We would be having dinner on Friday evening and want to go somewhere that I can wear a cocktail dress to and not feel overdressed. Can be romantic or fun and loud as long as the food is good, it's busy, we can dress up a little, and we don't mind children at all but would like to pick a place that we couldn't take our child to in order to take advantage of a rare night away:). To give you an idea of places I would like (this only works if you have dined out in Vancouver, Canada I realize): Coast, Market, Cioppino's. I like good food but enjoy a cocktail party like atmosphere as well but that part isn't an absolute must. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Crush is delicious, romantic, sexy, and cocktail dress-compatible.

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    1. I really do like Crush. Not sure it fit your likes entirely but...

      Also- Barolo could be an option for you (+ then you could take a short walk to get drinks at one of the places I suggested to your Q on another thread*)