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Oct 15, 2009 02:03 PM

Downtown/Entertainment district eats

I have a friend who will be on assignment in Toronto for six weeks starting 19 October. I'm looking for some restaurant/diner recommendations to send his way. He enjoys sushi, burgers, seafood, Med. (Greek, Northern Africa) and Italian. Specific recommendations would be very much appreciated. He will be at the Residence Inn, so walking distance is a must, unless the public transit system runs well. Thanks!

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  1. I assume you mean Marriott Residence Inn on Wellington, so I'll keep recommendation near as possible to this area.

    Sushi: Take Sushi (22 Front St. W.) is pretty good but a bit of a walk to Yonge.
    Burgers: Craft Burger (573 King St. W.) is probably best "gourmet" burger.
    Italian: Tutti Matti (364 Adelaide St. W.) and ~20 min walk further to the east is Romagna Mia (106 Front Street E.) for more traditional family style central Italian
    Seafood: Toronto don't really do seafood well compared to California (where you've posted most). The only nearby seafood restaurant I can think of is Rodney's Oyster House (469 King St. W.).
    Greek/Med.: The only one I can think of within walking distance is Penelope (225 King Street W.). If your friend is willing to subway, then the best is along the Danforth in Greektown and I'd recommend Pantheon (407 Danforth Ave., Chester Subway Station).

    Hope this helps.

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    1. re: syoung

      Craft burger is the worst "gourmet" burger.

      try Czehoski Restaurant for their burger. great ambiance as well.

      1. re: syoung

        Take Sushi is great for sushi but Yuzu might be closer - it's at Adelaide and Duncan and has wonderful fish / sashimi and rolls.

        1. re: syoung

          I'll second Craft's the best. Never heard of anyone disliking this place.

          Reggie's is also good for sandwiches, next door to Craft Burger.

          1. re: sarnya


            I dislike craft burger, as clearly stated.

            however, I am a burger snob.

            1. re: Jamie Eats Burgers

              I've been to craft burger and Czehoski, and I liked the spicy burger at craft burger a lot more than the czehoski burger. I'm not a "burger snob", though, so perhaps that explains it.

        2. The SoHo hotel has an excellent burger (all of the bar menu is good).

          Definitely, send them to Canoe for lunch. Lovely view (54th floor) and great food. Reservations are not required just sit on the bar side.

          ByMark is downstairs from Canoe and open for lunch as well.

          All of these places are a five minute walk from the Residence Inn.

          1. Both the Union and St. Andrew subway stations are within easy walking distance, and the TTC subway is very convenient. So over the 6 weeks your friend should have no problem visiting restaurants in any part of the downtown. No need to constrict him to the Entertainment District, which is really not the most interesting area for restaurants.

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            1. re: Gary

              Gary, Thanks for the tip. Chowhounders, are there restaurants *outside* the entertainment district you would recommend? No sense in confining one's appetite!

            2. One of my favourite spots quite close to your friend's hotel is Le Select Bistro (probably a ten minute walk across Spadina). There's a great bar where a solo diner would feel perfectly comfortable and the food is not life-changing but it's very solid. It's the kind of spot I'd choose to be a reg if I needed a restaurant to be my home away from home for a few weeks.

              Also in the neighbourhood I like Crush Wine Bar.

              Second Tutti Matti or Rodney's for other neighbourhood-ish choices. Ematei at Queen and St. Patrick is OK for sushi and generally quite good for other izakaya. Note Bene is also in the neighbourhood if he feels like going upscale.

              Outside the neighbourhood:
              - the Danforth for Greek (lots of fairly generic choices, but most reasonably good); also Allen's on the Danforth has a great burger. And Globe Bistro (in the same nabe) has "Canadian" cuisine.
              - Starfish for seafood
              - L'Unita for Italian. He's also quite close to Buca which is getting rave reviews although I can't firsthand

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              1. re: Rabbit

                Hi Rabbit. Kind of related - between Jules at Spadina and Queen, and Le Select, which would you choose and why? : ) Thanks in advance!

                1. re: Yum2MyTum

                  LeSelect... zinc bar. Wine list. Baba au rhum. Feels more grown up and dinner-y (although that might not be what you want).

                  I've only been to Jules for lunch and I have no complaints, but I prefer the total package at LS.

                  1. re: Rabbit

                    Baba au rhum! Thanks Rabbit. I think I'll have to check out both. : ) The more excuses for French bistro food, the better!